I know I'm out of touch but...

Has Wednesday night at Borough Market been cancelled…

I sat there with tea for about 45 minutes… nuffin. nada. zip.

Is it over… or is this old news an I’m just not in the loop any more (which is probably quite possible…

Maybe they spotted you and went home?:stuck_out_tongue:

Why dont you do what Rioting Rob did… Make a post slamming the whole of LB for turning up to BMM, and start some trouble :D:w00t::D:w00t:

I got there at 7.30ish and someone was leaving didn’t recognise who it was. Probably should of said hello to them but they didn’t look like they wanted to stay any longer. A new person also rocked up just as I turned my bike around. I said it’s like this sometimes when the weather is pants.

Hopefully sicne spring is on it’s way it’s going to get better :smiley:

i actually forgot it was wednesday, wot i mean is i thought it was tuesday today (wednesday).:stuck_out_tongue:

Looking forward to the rest of the “sicne” spring.:smiley:

It’s just you Tobe, no-one could believe you had the 9 back on it’s feet and fled rather than trying to comprehend what amounts to the second coming.

Next week there’ll be an obelisk erected on the very spot to mark your coming. Ahem.

And if was chuffing cold. And I’m only half way through the chain replacing exercise on the 7.

you should touch yourself more! :w00t:

on a serious note (me serious?? nah! :ermm: ) i think its cause of the cold… not many want to stand around, or ride anywhere. even the ace was pretty quiet

Maybe if you had read the BM 27/01/10 thread in Rideouts section you would have seen that most, if not all, the responces stated that they were either not going or would be at the Ace instead:w00t:

But it is nice to know that teh 9 is back up and running:D

It’s Wednesday today?

Tomorrow is Wednesday. See you all at a BMM!!!

I had hoped to go myself, but ended up with working late. Then going home and remoting in to work some more, and doing the same again tonight… such is life sometimes.

BMM is 10 mins down the road from me;) But what i’ve learned is if it’s cold & raining chances are that it’s going to be a very poor turnout:w00t:

My own fault really, I’d heard that LB was run by a bunch of short skirt wearin girlies who didn’t really like riding bikes… :smiley:

Nah it was on the off chance really. Have to admit I haven’t been for ages myself so I canät fault anyone for not showin…just happened to have a day’s work yesterday and the Market was on a direct line bewteen the job and home for a change… so I took the chance. Another time

Lookin forward to my Obelisk though… can I have loads of like weird Egyptian glyphs and thingies all over it? :slight_smile: