I knew Italian bikes were expensive to repair...

but this really takes the mickey!

As Aprilia spares go, looks quite reasonable to me. After all, it probably comes in a good quality plastic bag with an Aprilia part number sticker on it.

Can’t talk

I’m off to B&Q and Halfords… Gonna make a fortune! :smiley:

Whoever buys this is definitely getting screwed.

And with 200 screws you can buy an old japanese bike :w00t:

WP Wakefields walk round store for everything nuts and bolts

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I love those kind of shops - there is one near me - I can go in and ask for any size nut/screw/bolt and matey will pop out the back and find what I am looking for.

These kind of places are worth their weight in gold - another reason to support your high street - ebay/amazon/online has it’s place but they shouldn’t be allowed to take over everything.

I’ve used that shop for many years, hope it doesn’t ever go out of business