i just like to ride...

anyone else feeling some people just have way too much free time and single sided views at the moment? was going through current affairs pages…and to be honest my reply to most…not all, but most topics is ‘SHUT UP!’

i honestly can say i dont care! i’ve ridden bikes since i was young simply due to the fact i LOVE bikes, working on them, looking at them, riding them. now it seems to ride i have to have an opinion on parking charges, which organisation to join, which rallys to attend. FFS you’re turning biking into a political event! too many people in my opinion are so caught up in the political side of things they’ve forgotten what riding is all about…

anyone agree?

and before its said, im not against all rallies etc to help us out as bikers.

Bulldog Bash… best bike festival by far :smiley:

Yeah i do agree with you on what you say, i do love to just ride but unfortunately my bikes off the road atm so i have to get my kicks by coming on here and winding people up :smiley:

nothing against shows and parties :smiley: and stop harrasing people, id tell you to jog on…but you cant…hobble on asbo…hobble on :stuck_out_tongue:

Ha ha, i can know bud… Back to full fitness, knee was fine when i was running with 15kg on my back, gona try it with my normal 25kg tabbing weight on tuesday.

Now where would the fun be if i stopped harrasing people :smiley:


i like boobs…bikes…going fast…going slow…taking the p1ss…people taking the p1ss…pulling stunts…watching others fall off…getting drunk…listening to AC/DC…not giving a phuck as long as i dont hurt anyone else…raising hell…having a good time…having sex…;)…whistleing at women on the side of the street with my mates…ect…ect…ect…

all things that make me a biker are above…i was raised as a son of a b1tch and still am…i was riding when i was 6 years old while my parents drank Jack Daniles and played cards with their biker freinds…

not quite the social status bikers have been acustomed too really is it…i mean…sometimes im just sick of always trying to get a good public perception…so what if the public dont like bikes or bikers…who the hell am i trying to impress?..phuckin nobody…

like it or lump it…ive got a fast… DIRTY …scratched …beat up …slung down the road a good few times…36,000 mile…scruffy looking …no wing mirror’d GSXR 750 K6…i love this bike…and i ride this bike…you dont like it…you can FFFFFFFffffffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!


Rock on smiled, dirty fast bikes are the way of the Warrior. <3

Yeah fck it - who’s up for a lot of riding, getting pssed up and listening to live bands and stuff this summer?I am! :Dps I’m gonna turn up at borough soon amd meet some o0f you headcases - I was going to three months back but got knocked off and had me bike/leg written off! :smiley:

PHUCKIN A-MEN TOO THAT BROTHER!!!:w00t::w00t::w00t: smiled:D.

yeeehaaarrrhh!!!1 :P:P:P:D:D:D

yeaaaaa…my main aim this summer is to crush a beer can on my forhead…!!!..yeaaaaaa!!!:w00t:…while I’m at :w00t:WARP 6…woohoo!!smiled:).

dont you just wish that smiled would get off the phuckin fence and say it as it is:w00t:

would you have me any other way wolfie?..lol:D.


too right fella:cool:

Are you comming on the confidence rideout Smiled mate:)

Gotta agree. Sat in the ***** rain on a backed up no filtering M3 cold wet n miserable. Get a bit of room and open her up. Dont need to be stupid speed or crazy stunts. Just love the absolute freedom n f*k you that it gives me. Back roads, motorways, A roads, b roads goin to the shop going to work going for a ride, single or double up. The feeling as I drop a gear, slip sideways in front of a car and open her up. leaving boy racers at the lights. Almost being knocked off and feeling my heart thumping. Feeling the back lock up. A slow easy ride on an empty road. The look from other bikers as they pass which sais yup I know how u feel right now. :slight_smile:

oh…and off to Download in June! awesome

Thanks for the insight into what LB is really all about cos it is confusing for newish people like me to gauge the mood . The front page makes it look like a nice modern inclusive place for anyone with a common interest in motorcycling who wants to promote a fun and positive image of biking. From your comments as founder member thats not it at all is it? its more about trying to be the sex pistols on two wheels and bllcks to everyone! Fair enough.

The problem is we are in a minority and there are many non-bikers who don’t like us and would dearly love to see motorcycles banned altogether like they did in China. It begins with small curtailments of our freedom, and wratchets its way up from there.

So yes, enjoy your freedoms while you can, but if you want to keep them, you will have to get involved in the dreaded Current Affairs thread at some point. And the longer you leave it, the less likely it will be that you will be able to keep those freedoms.

SPot on…Although ITS NOT JUST OUR CURRENT AFFAIRS SECTION…the world is full of people out there who want to make us all do things safely and without risk. this means total boredem and stagnation for the human race. Without the moaning as Mo calls it we would likely be banned full stop…as easzyrider says…the world is against us…

hmm im a biker and i dont like boobs or watching ppl fall off or listening to ac/dc and i only sat on a bike for the first time this year after 12 years of car driving - i get whistled at on the side of the street by groups of men and theyre usually builders or chavs - nice bikers usually actually just say hello!

i like to give a good impression to non-bikers while im in my gear as well - life sooo much easier if you get along with people and you never know when you might need one of them to scrape you off the road :stuck_out_tongue:

i agree with the first part about less of the moaning though - lifes too short to worry about too much stuff, just get on and ride :smiley:

Most of us here ride bikes because they are immense fun as well as being supremely practical forms of transport - but anyone who has been on here for a while will recognise that we don’t always talk about just the fun stuff - a lot of people here post serious and often controversial threads on a whole range of subjects - from bike related issues to politics - these threads often sat uneasily and uncomfortably with the light hearted tone and banter that takes place in the General Chat section.These ‘controversial’ threads happen frequently enough to warrant their own section - where people who are interested can take part in focused debate. It’s also easier for the Mods to keep a handle on stuff which can get inflammatory and out of control.

I for one don’t tend to post political stuff - I’m more into the bike side of things - but I will and do repond to stuff which I either agree with or think is total bol*ocks. The Current Affairs section is an excellent and appropriate place to do that. ;):slight_smile: