I just don't know where to start with this one...


How the F*ck are you supposed to chase a Great Dane around a field trying to place one of these on its love truncheon!.. …Whilst trying to dodge its advances towards next doors Picanese!

I mean, the mechanics are mind boggling!


I think this kind of campaign is useless as you actually have to go to the website to find out what it is about. Good idea though, there’s too many cats and dogs in shelters

I always wear protection my dog likes it that way :unsure:

Go down Shep! :w00t:

erhmmm they are neutered and spayd for population control… WTF should u put a rubber on the dogs boner. cats would be impossible as theirs is barbed

edit: ok its a “humerous” campaign promoting the above control of animals. no actual condoms exist. phew

Shhh… this thread had comedic mileage. Don’t spoil it! :wink:

I didn’t no there you could get a barbed pussy :smiley:

What do you mean? I’ve encountered some pretty overgrown bushes in my time, but none with thorns in!!! :w00t:

Just put the picanese in the condom feet first and secure around the neck with a rubber band.

What a great post, spelling nor grammatical correctness need apply as long as you know anything about two dogs f***ing


Tarquin called, he say’s they miss you over at the Mensa forum :frowning:

Ah sweet…who’s Tarquin, you simply MUST introduce him sometime!


too much beer at lunchtime again I.D?

Do they have any ribbed ones for my cat?

Here’s an easier method… SPAY THE FECKER and stop being so frickin ridiculous

Someone should start a campaign.