I just did my first stoppie!

Unfortunately it was by accident as a woman stepped out in front of me… how I stopped I don’t know, how I kept the bike up I don’t know!

Frightened her a bit though - large chap on a big red 800 VFR - I wasn’t going that fast either so it must have looked quite impressive! Local kids cheered in any case.

Any how… don’t think I’ll be doing that again!


excellent - and a cheer too, well done you!

I did same thing after bout 3 days of getting my bike…not managed one since!!

A red VFR? How you finding that, Mr Honda test rider.

yes it is getting like that at the moment…

well so far…

CBF500 - dear god why?

CBF600 Faired - oh dear god yes yes yes!

Pan Europen - You wanna mess with me?

VFR - Ahhh so that’s how you do a wheelie?

Nice one mate! Its suprising how sharp brakes can be when you hammer them!

Congrats! (I think!?)

Managed one too this morning - except I was a tad eager at a junction and didn’t notice that the traffic had stopped on the roundabout when I pulled off (I was looking back over my shoulder at approaching traffic). Only 3rd time ever that I’ve managed one (all three were not planned)

Why not? - all it does (badly in my experience) is stop the wheel locking. Sounds like it might help with a stoppie (where locking the front would be a pant-wetting moment) rather than hinder ?

Where are the AWOL boyz when we need them ? LoL

Yes, the abs can do stoppies, better ! you will do one safer than without as it won’t lock the wheel.

Matt, I wish I could se the look in your face mate, lol. Glad you are ok

Well done mate, you did well to stay on it. i saw someone a while ago do a stoppie in a similar situation on a busa who didn’t manage to controll it - ouch. i cringed when i saw it happen

At least you have learnt that the brakes as well as yourself are quite up to stopping if you have to. I have had to do a few of those before now, heart always flutters thinking that you are not going to make it.

heart did flutter a bit - especially as I was on my way to see the doctor about my crash a few weeks ago!

ahh well.

ABS is very good for stoppies it appears.


Don’t let RizlaSV read this thread then

Matt how high’s your voice now?

JUST A WEEEEE bit high

This is funnier than my first wheelie, which was actually more about the seized rear brake than anything, was riding it to the mechanics at the time.



Congrats Matt lol at least the kids think it was cool what more could you want