I is not amused

The one week where work would be relaxed, where you could chat with the few people left there without the breath on your neck from the client that the report is not going to be finished in time… and I have to go and get a fever and foodpoisoning… Basically all day today I have been doing trips to the WC and spent the rest of the time in a semi-state of consciousness…

Oh well at least I’m glad it’s not next week as I have to ride to Cheltenham…

did you have the MACP aswell?


the what now?

soz…its a self imposed swear filter…:D…the shits…do you have the shits too?


Here have a big hug HUGZ

Oh yeah… so bad I farted and followed through this morning!

Thanks but I think you best stay away at the moment! I’m highly contagious… :ermm:

No worries. I have the pig flu so you wont want a real hug from me. Its a virtual one insted im afraid.

Aw thanks! :blush:

Get well soon to you too then…

Right I’m off to bed… hopefully

Hope it clears up by tomorrow as it is not nice feeling like that at work, but sticking a cork up your arse would stop you rushing to the toilet.:smiley:

You should be a doctor.:smiley:

If it doesn’t I’ll be taking a sick day… Of course it being Monday everyone will think I am skyving…

But hey who cares…

Is that wise, you could sh1t on the whole of Berkshire which is meant to be posh according to Ricky.:w00t:

Your welcome :slight_smile: every1 needs a hug when they are ill. :slight_smile: and thankyou :slight_smile:

Get a room you two.:):w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

:sick: calling doctor “poo poo le poo”, bucket and a mop in isle 7 pleases…:w00t::stuck_out_tongue:

You are just jealous because you didnt get a hug :stuck_out_tongue:

We get all the hugs we want here (non-piggy ones too);):PYour “Cynthia” prank was inspired.:smiley: