I hope its not just me but..........

is anyone else having to work this week too?

Hiya, I’m sat at my desk too! the office is like the marie celeste so I am planning on an early escape of about 3.30pm.

Me too, sat at work, busy checking out forums since my Christmas holiday. The new layout on here is great. So I am that I am working but way that this forum is up and running and looking better than ever.

Anyone else working, I feel sorry for you but at least its wednesday.

Gotta work, land of the selfemployed. No 'oilday pay no sick pay and no bonus.

Not only am I working this week, but I have been here since 08.00 and still counting.

You ever thought about suing the boss?

Ah bless all those who are having to work,im not although i am saturday!

Well I’m still enjoying my between jobs rest should start on the 5th if everything goes well.

yup, gotta work…the cold never stop ringing the bleedin phone! (heating engineer) sigh…

Been back at work since Monday, Bike wont start so using the train, Luckily the Catford Loop hasnt been affected by the weather, Yet. Still early turn tomorrow then 5 days off over New Year


Since Monday !!! Man do I feel for you

Yep, got back from Spain early this morning, got a few hours’ sleep, then off to work. Almost the entire team was there but the only people doing any work were us contractors, the permanent people buggered off to the pub. Then got back to complain we (the two of us) hadn’t finished everything! Well, by 7.30pm we finally had. Grrrr…

Still, at least a good excuse to get on my bike!

Been at work since the 27th…

next rest day not until the 3rd!

oh well…

Stag on Copper!

I’m in today, hope to stay in the office and knock-off at 1400!

I too am stuck in work and to top it all haven’t been able to go out and play in snow on my bike. Never mind only in today and tomorrow.

I am not going to comment, it will only make the working people upset…