I home.

So for any of you who are not on face book or friends on face book, I have escaped the hospital after a successful total hip replacement. thanks for the good wishes, lets hope I can get out on the bike in the near future, but I aint holding my breath.


mate i know a professional dance teacher who went back to teaching and performing after her op. Amazing stuff mate. See on on the bike in no time.

Much love from me and cat

Wait til you can chase Nats up the stairs before thinking of getting on the bike:D

Best wishes from us xx

Rest up and take it easy :slight_smile:

Good news! Hope you’re back out soon

Just sit back and relax to get well quicker.

Get well soon, and feel free to spam LB. :):smiley:

Make sure you do your physio, and do what the surgeon and your missus tells you. :smiley:

and catch her :wink:

Get well soon!

Hope your recovery goes well - and you’ll soon be enjoying the new parts!

Do they come with a 25yr 100,000 mile warranty :smiley:

Think of the tan you’ll get, all the box-sets you’ll get to watch! Treat it like one big lazy summer holiday:D Sure it won’t be too long til you’re up and about though. I must admit that I did extra bits of physio more than prescribed on the actions that were important for riding - I’d have been able to change gear while I was still in my cast!!

Good news mate, you’ll be back out creating havoc in no time :slight_smile:

All the best mate, hope your recovery is speedy. my Aunt had the same thing done about a year ago, and the recovery time was amazingly fast, considering, so you’ll be up and about in no time. just don’t go faster than the docs tell you to go.

does the hospital know you’ve left? :smiley:

well done, will come visit at the weekend. x

great news, you’ll be on the R1 asap… keep smiling

want me to look after the R1 for ya ? :slight_smile:

GWS you old goat

take it easy dude, make sure you are ready before swinging your leg over the bike, we dont want any detachments now do we.

GWS enjoy the sun, while its here!

great news!!! get well soon mate. you`ll be back in the saddle in no time!!:slight_smile: