I have the day off

I have a dilemma.

I’m not at work today, and I can’t decide what to do with myself. The sun is out, it’s a lovely day and I have a full tank of petrol.

But the washing up needs doing…

What should I do today, O LB sages? :smiley:

Edit: And seeing as I’ve just moved to North London, I don’t know any nice roads. Any suggestions?

stay inside and clean the flat… :hehe:

hey, it will make us feel good :Whistling:

Errrr, sun is shining, get yer back side out there!!! :cool:

pop to my house and cut the grass, old bean - gives me more time to fettle my bike tomorrow :slight_smile:

As if you had to ask :doze:

Heh! It’s a no-brainer isn’t it. :wink:

I shall be hitting the roads very shortly. But I’m still stuck for somewhere nice to go. I’ll be setting out from the Ace; what’s the fastest route to some nice roads from there?


Aim for Aylesbury way. A406 to A40, off at Denham (A413) and follow that in to the Chitlerns. Plenty of nice roads that way :cool:

I’d have joined ya fella but I’m t’other side of town,! :smiley:

Ride ride ride.

5150 is an exile, he used to be from our side of the tracks too until his missus forced him to move up t’north! :wink:

I’d have probably joined him to had I been up a bit earlier…ahem… :Whistling:

where in north are ya dude??

i shall be up ace later…come play!!

Still recovering from your birthday, Tim? :wink:

I’m posting this from a petrol station in one of the many Chalfonts - the ride to Aylesbury was lovely! One of the best rides I’ve had since getting the bike… So thank you!

God, I love being a biker! :smiley:

ball’s to the house the bike’s a must ride!!!:smiley:

yer well you would ride through the artic crazy bugger…

soooooooo?.. theres no ****** sign on here just messing bro:P I AM NOT AS OLD AS YOU MWHAHAHA;)

Nope, just enjoying not being at work and being a lazy fecker!! :wink:

You planning on dropping back into The Ace on your way home? I’m heading up their later to meet Freddie(D675) as he’s buying my back protector. Supposed to be meeting him around 7.00pm but I’m happy to come along earlier for a coffee and a natter… :slight_smile:

cheeky ****:wink: you up the ace later Dan (sparkie) u can have a beer and a natter with me and turbo reaper jimmy and slag we are going up this time. it might not be so packed and we will be in back patch so u can’t miss us…

back patch night is it fair do’s wot time bro??? ill be there… **** me wot’s up with reaper he stoned he actully comming!!! missed him! nutter number 3:D

na mate we are dragging him out :wink: yer r.i.p nutter number 2 that was sad:( sorry bro! erm about 7 ok??