I have special needs

Went to the opticians today to get sorted for contacts, after the initial checkup i was told that i have flat eyeballs:w00t: and that i need special contacts.

They have to be ordered so have to go back next week again, “third time now”

So come on all you p*ss takers, give it your best shot:D

could explain a lot really Birds that are grain-eaters (e.g. chickens) don’t need to see long distances or in great detail to find their food, and hence have flat eyeballs oops meant to say Bikers that are gravel -worshippers don’t need to see long distances or in great detail to find their food, and hence have flat eyeballs

How can they be called eyeballs when they are flat.:stuck_out_tongue:

The optician must be aware of your need for exercise - that’ll be three weeks walking there and back:D

Your eyeballs are flater so that you can get closer to the window when you lick it…


I got told I have Rugby Ball shaped eyes, hence why I get that rippled effect along the floor when I wear certain sunglasses. :w00t:

All I’m going to say is:


Bet your mum always said you were special :smiley:

Rob, I presume your “flat eyeballs” will have impacted on your ability to judge say, the camber on an entrance to a pub car park in Suffolk?

I think everyone who ever took the p*ss should feel ashamed of themselves.

You have my sympathy and I for one will defend your honour the next time your parking is called into judgement :slight_smile:

Could be worse, Rob. How’s this bloke supposed to get glasses to fit him?

Used to wear contacts, getting older has advatages you get less short sighted. So no longer need contacts or glasses for driving/riding!

Now this is just classic, pmsl:laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:

Now here’s a pretty useless piece of information.

Flattened eye balls are “oblate spheroids”. Just thought you might like to know.

Just googled that, bloody interesting stuff:w00t:

pls delete this post

pmsl!!! :laugh:

Haha… the only reason your eyeballs are flat is coz you slap your hand over them (D’oh!) every time the bike goes over…

that’s a lot of slapped eyeballs dude :smiley:

I too have Special Needs… Nothing Miss Whiplash cant administer tho!