I have now seen it all....

I don’t normally care what people wear when they ride. In fact, I believe the reason our kit is so good these days is because it isn’t mandatory, but is driven by enthusiasts (not governments).

This morning driving through Hampstead, a scooter filtered past me, dangerously close to my car and oncoming traffic.
Wedged between him and the top box was a girl, certainly no older than 5, with her legs dangling in the air, unable to the reach the footpegs. She was in a little summer dress and helmet. No gloves. No trousers, even.


I don’t give a **** what people wear when riding, but sticking a small child on the back with no protection apart from a helmet… I’d probably follow the twat and have some rather pointed words when they stopped.

It’s none of my business but I can’t help being disturbed by seeing a 5 year old kid exposed to possible danger and injury like that. perhaps there should be legislation regarding how old a pillion can be before they are let onto the back of a bike or scooter?

I got my lower leg bones snapped clean in two by an aberrant cager - if a childs much smaller leg had taken an impact like that they might have lost the limb.

I think it’s actually a legal requirement that the pillion must be able to put their feet on the pegs/foot rests. So although there’s no age limit, they should be old enough/big enough to do this, which it sounds like this child wasn’t.

yep it is a legal req that the pillion can reach the footrests… but that is the only thing he did wrong

apart from being a moron and not caring about the child obviously! :crazy:

Well if I would have to guess. The girl is likely is daughter.
The guy is clearly and idiot, and arsehole and a twat.
If genetics teach us anything is that the apple rarely fall from the tree so really would he go and kill himself and his daughter while riding, this would not really be a big lost to society at large…

He’s quite entitled to kill himself - but leave his kid out of it.

Legally!! but as a parent/adult ??? [email protected]

You should have called the police… it’s child endangerment.

It crossed my mind. But by the time I thought about that, he was gone. Besides, I don’t have hands free!