I have a terrible confession to make...

…this week I started commuting by train.

Reasons? The Blade needs a service, new rear tyre and taxing and I thought “Hmmm, should I spend £500 on the bike to ride it through winter or be a wuss and just take the train?”. Also with there still being a hose-pipe ban where I live, the idea of trying to keep my bike mint without the ability to get in all the nooks and crannies with a hose was not appealing. So I chose the train…BOY am I regretting that so far.

Last night I left the office at 7:15pm, ordinarily by bike I’d be home by 8:00pm. Last night by train? 9pm!!! Cancelled and delayed trains helped with that little journey.

Am seriously thinking about getting myself a winter hack or scooter or summat, because this is just rubbish!

I apologise to you all.

I had to get the train for 3 days when my bike was in for repair & it cost me £8.60 a day compared to less than a tenner a week on the bike! Add to that delays, walking and having to get up earlier to get the right train no matter how cold it gets my bike will always be better than the train even if it is onlu a 125

Well…my train career has lasted exactly a week.

I’ve just ordered a scooter, pick it up tomorrow…

Had to get a travelcard on Wednesday, £10.40 for a day as opposed to about £12 petrol a week. Go figure, Mr Livingstone.

Scooters are really great for the winter… I’d like to get one, or a drz…

I know what you mean … I just bought a winter hack … '92 Blade.

I agree, trains are way too expensive. Daily ticket for me is £10 (train only mind, no tube or bus), weekly about £36, petrol £23.

I second that, go figure indeed Mr Livingstone with the Kengestion charge.

well I have no choice, there are no trains when I start work. I bought a hack for work and use it all year round (an ER5) what a pile of crap, but it is soooo cheap to maintain and run, Trouble is now the journey to and from work - 40 miles each way- is a chore. Take the cbr once a week in the summer, just to bring a smile to my face.

I got so pissed off replacing tyres all the time, as well as normal servicing costs. It must have cut my costs by 30%.

Public transport is NOT the one I have a winter hack & love her she a Gixxer k4 600.

When I moved jobs I was going commute by train. I managed 4 days - 3 of those 4 days I was delayed. On day 5, I bought myself a car (I know, it should have been a bike but at the time I had to move quite a bit of kit around with me)

Now I only use public transport when I am going out to drink

Ditto here too. cannot stand the trains, the crowding, sniffling, coughing, hawking crowds of BO work sheep crammed into the mobile sardine can.

Bike allows you the freedom to go where you need to, when you need to, as quickly, slowly as you need to. A perk is that you are awake when you get there!

When I bought a winter hack, I thought at least it would be free from theives, a 10 year old red VFR, Couldn’t beleive it when I came back one evening to find the ignition drilled, just how desperate are they???

What do you lot think is the best bike to ride through London and don’t say scooter please HAHA

CG 125!

Suzuki GSX-R K4 600

Very funny, I’d be safe then! But I wouldn’t suggest it, there just isn’t the ooomph you might need occasionally to get you out of the soup. Top speed of 55-60 but only if you’re going downhill with the wind behind you. That or you’ve got a towrope tied to the car in front!

I’ve got a CG I think its great around town! I get 220 miles to a tenner but as soon as I hit an open stretch of road ie: the A2 it does lack power seriously but you can have it all! Only got it for a few more months then its KTM time

I’ve had just over 70 out of my bike & yes that was downhill - I wont try it again tho, didnt sound good