I have a £100 TD Voucher...Where to spend?

Santa brought a TD voucher worth £100.

Ive done Brands Indy evening sessions but Im not sure what to do next?

Ideally Brands GP circuit but with baby en route I want to make the most of this voucher.

I want something mid/early summer. Any suggestions??? Dates?? Tracks???

no idea as I’ve never had a TD. Will be keen to join you though :smiley:

Come join us at snetterton on 5th march £85;)

Brands in the summer will be about £165 for Indy and about £250 for the GP:w00t:

I did think it was around that cost.

I would love to do the new snetterton. but how about April time??

Don’t want to waste it… what do you think?

Unless I’ve missed it, you don’t appear to have said which TDO the voucher is with.

If this is going to be your only track squirt this year I would strongly suggest you hold on till later in the year. There’s not many things worse than your big day ruined by sub 10 degree temps and shitty rain.

Snetterton looks like it’s going to be a great track and should come within budget, even in the early summer. You’ll also be riding a track that’s had a bit of time to bed in.

Early March and the surface will be very green, it’s quite possible that the grip levels will be erratic. If it’s cold and wet it’s likely to produce a lot of crashes.

Some good points Pete. Im not going to jump and book anything until I’ve really thought about it.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Exactly the same situation as myself mate, Santa (Mrs Muttonchops) graced me with the same gift with Focused Events. Also thought about the new Snetty 300 circuit, but same thoughts as to the grip levels and weather/temp for the time of year. April is a good time to get booked on one as the season is well on the turn by then. Maybe see you out there dude. :wink:

Yeah let me know mate. Im thinking April too. Maybe Mallory…

Late April, early May? Pretty certain for the temperature to be reasonable then. Mallory seems a good idea, but then again the new Snett 300 should have sensible levels of grip by then and hopefully still be around the £100 mark. Would be nice for Focused Events to post up more dates for later on into the year, then we know what we’re looking at.

Well said that man, Bravo! :smiley:

Hand it over to us Lewis & we’ll take you somewhere;):w00t:

Stop stalking me you hounds! :hehe:

donny is under a ton until peak season…

Focused Events have now listed up to the end of June. Some good days there to be had.

Seen and will be booked very soon!

Come to silverstone on March 12th, that’s only 109 quid :slight_smile:

Snetterton (300) on the 28th April looks favourite for my voucher, season is pretty much fully awake by then with rising temperatures. Maybe followed by a Silverstone GP come the end of May.

Both valid points. With kiddy on the way and friends who have already booked. it looks like brands indy day.

Yes there are other tracks and days, maybe later in the year! :wink: