I hate bugs!

I have an overriding fear of spiders even the most modest money spider can keep me awake at night I can literally see it in the dark edging its way over the ceiling ready to land on my face when I least expect it.

Riding into work today just ambling in a “the faster I go the sooner I get to work” mindset so whilst shoulder checking I spot a bloody spider out the corner of my eye, I’m sooo proud of myself look again gone I know it’s just lurking, lift visor and the bloody thing scuttles across my internal sun visor and disappears resulting in blind panic and manic hand waving rush of adrenaline look again gone some slow breaths and relax. Pull visor down and there’s a bloody green grasshopper looking thing stuck to the inside of it do you think I could get to it, I swear the more I tried the further away it got, did I say I hate bugs so I pull in to a layby, finally managed to extricate it from between my visors, I can assure you I looked for that spider still not convinced it’s gone needless to say the visor stayed down, I’m still sitting here keeping my eye on the helmet just in case! Did I mention I hate bugs!!!


lol, I know those grass hoper things! I had the same…

it is summer now, so to be expected

A friend did a course at a zoo that helps with arachnophobia.

I once yawned, just as a bug fell through a vent, forcing me to spit it out, right onto the inside of my pinlock…

Sadly bugs also like the warmth of the bike so you will find them come out just as you set off some times…

I’ve had the classic wasp casually walking up the inside of my visor when riding at speed. Somehow the quick close eyes and snap visor open and shut got rid of it. My thought process though, “mmm that shouldn’t really be there.”

I seem to remember in the lake District with nicecupoftea, I was tailgunner and got to a corner seeing him off bike beating his chest… Turns out a wasp/bee had got in his leathers :joy:

Oh Dizz. Sounds like you leave your hat in the garage/shed. Guess you won’t be doing that anymore.

And what planet you on :rofl: who leaves an expensive life saving bit of kit in a shed!!!

A) People with secure garages
B) Are you saying you didn’t leave it in the shed?

Sits in a helmet bag in the dining room, so no not in the shed

So maybe two helmet bags in future?