I gotta moan.. I dont want too but i gotta!

This is directed at a mad few.

I am a dyed in the wool biker and have been for over 35 years. I ride fast, and I like to think safe, and I am considerate as I can be to other road users. I break the speed limits often, and have on occasions done stupid things, and once suffered badly for my stupidity.

But NOTHING I have done can compare to the twenty or so mad men, who tore along the 50 limits of the A127 last bank holiday monday, making a third lane through the steady 50 mph traffic, brushing the sides of the cars.

I am certain this group all knew each other. All on sports bikes, wearing jeans, trainers, and leather jackets with hoodies underneath. All with loud pipes, and all doing at least 70 through the two lanes of traffic.

Dudes ARE YOU MAD? If you want to die that much, do it where you wont cause carnage to innocents! (there were many young children in those cars) One of you A#holes, tried to tear past my car, at the exact moment a car and caravan pulled out into the carriageway. This caused the cars to slow, and the nearside one to move slightly over, making you brake hard and bounce off the side of my car, which incidentally I had as far over as possible! You were lucky you didn’t fall off, and kill you and the bloke riding right up your ass! And for you to then **** off with out so much as a wave of appology, showed me what a prat you are!

I know it was a while ago, but today I saw another idiot doing the same thing down the M25 at stupid speeds, and undertook me on the hard shoulder at 70 plus.

Please people, don’t do this stupid act, and have some consideration for others when you eventually kill yourselves.

Ride safe

Dr Lubeet