I got the Wednesday morning yellows!

I just thought I’d mention that I had a great ride to work today. Hardly any traffic, even in central London, almost every traffic light was green, there were no buses in the bus lane on the Finchley Road, roads were dry, no-one tried to kill me, I didn’t get caught by any cameras and I had no problems finding a parking space.

Hopefully the rest of my day will continue as it started!

(Having the yellows is the opposite of having the blues, IMHO.)

I’m envious now - a plonker in a powder blue Ford Mondeo tried to have me off at the lights. I had to speed up a tiny bit (not going mad or anything), and promptly wobbled all over the place after riding over a wet manhole cover whilst doing a shoulder check to see whether I was on the verge of being run over

Ho hum… Wednesday morning fun

Hey Liz…

Finchley Road is part of my ride to work…what do you ride?

I left 15 minutes later than I usually do and still got into work at the same time, man I love the school holidays!

I ride either a red Z750 or a green/purple (flip flop paint) Bandit - leathers are black, as is my gortex gear when worn, and helmet is a dark blue Caberg Justissimo.

Say hello if you see me. I guess I’m usually on the Finchley road at about 8.30am ish, and about 6pm ish in the evening.

8:30am??? I’m already halfway through my day by then…

Still I’ll keep me eyes peeled for you if I heading in later than normal.

I too had a bollox ride in . Wet roads on the A4 and too many wide loads for happy filtering. Seems to have brightened up now tho’.

I used to see you up bedford row on your bandit. We used to park in the same place.

What bike are you on?

damn site better than my commute - i’m back on ****ing public transport whilst my bike is still in the shop


Johnny, seriously feel for you pal.

Went out for drinks the other night, so left the baby at home. I’d forgotten just how miserably unpleasant and rubbish walking to bus stop is, how disgustingly hot the tube is and how bloomin helpless you are amongst the grockles sheep and gimps of the TFL customer base

This one before it was stolen



Glad for you, had a good ride in as well and thought yeah, day going well until a crappy call at 11.30am changed all that that and will result in a really crappy evening.

cheers fella - dropped off my car last night to a mate that’s selling it for me. He lent me his spare honda city fly 125 - quite frankly the ride from chelmsford was a bit scary! managed to keep it at about 60mph on the fast roads but man did it feel twitchy! its amazing the difference in speed perception on that compared to the sports bikes i’ve ridden.

having cars raz past on the fast sections of the a12 was a bit unnerving, esp as i was riding at night. once into the 40mph and 50mph sections it was surprisingly ok (maybe just by comparison to the jaw, and ass, clenching of the first part of the ride. parts of the a12 up there have no streetlights.

no more public transport tho! WOO-HOO

behold da beast…



Woah JB, you sure you can handle all that power?!!

Mind the front brakes are a bit sharp - don’t want to lose the front…


i’m not sure mate, might need to detune it to make it less of a handful

everyones a comedian eh? ironically his last words before i set off were ‘you’ll need to use the back brake a fair bit, the front doesn’t work all that well’…good, nothing to worry about then…

It wouldn’t be quite as funny if you weren’t such a giant!!!

I bet it looks like a mini-moto with you astride


Had a lousey drive today, bloody Tamworth, took the wrong turn on the M42, ened up goiing along the M6 ended up on the wrong bloody side of Birmingham! Argh!

Oh and I told my controler to get stuffed

haha, yep i could prob drag my knees as a brake…

the roads round brum are a nightmare now - lived there as a student and went to the NEC show last year - got completely confused