I got road rash today ...

… and it was my own fault!

Took advantage of the fine weather to get a few miles under my belt.

Went out in my shorts and t-shirt, did about five miles and then slipped on the road and down, causing the road rash above.

Before you all go on about t-shirts and shorts etc, can I just say in my defence …

I was only walking the dog!


Looks nasty!

be greatful ou were only walking the dog.

Glad your okay, but it proves the point to wear the right gear.

Please note… ALWAYS wear leathers when walking dog!

It is gay pride after all

ouch! take note Mellow, stop wearing your shorts and tshirt!

Comon guys/gals, we know that most peeps also ware their leathers at home too…for the saftey aspect ofcourse.

Are u suggesting she walk the dog NAKED?!


well stranger things have happened! he he

i was about to say i couldnt believe someone could come off a bike and have so little road rash wearing shorts lol how did you fall?

oooh ouch…

that looks way painful… i aint ever taking your dog for a walk…

Believe me when I say that the world is not ready to see me walking the dog naked!

In fact, never mind the world - I don’t think the dog would be too chuffed either!

oooo that looks nasty!