I got my new sub frames , water jet cut

heres the new sub frames rails, water jet cut, $45 canadian each, they need to be emery clothed (brushed) but I think there gonna look sweet,
oh its a optical Illusion they are both Identical.

The bYke is freakin filthy

those frames look great

Very unique fella. How long did that take, and cost? Are you going to paint/finish them at all?

its been alot of hours, lots of one off parts, made by me on the band saw, and tig welder. engine mounts for the 1000 motor etc,

So far I guess I got about $3000 Canadian in to it.

I bought a crashed 2002 Gixer 1000, $1200, and bought a 1998 Srad 750, $500, complete it just had a blown motor, sold all the stuff I didnt need plastic,s etc.

Im not gonna paint it, it just needs some polishing cause ive been out riding in the SNOW, me mates here in Canada call me a crazy Brit.

why is there a fireman being sick in the bin at the back of the garage ?

Hahaha Barro

Well, you know what they say about mad dogs and englishment… it’s not always the sun, but sometimes the snow!

Im losing it Jay Im afraid !!..age !!!

Its like a pussy scab I cant leave it alone

Pear presure has motivated me to make a alternative exhaust mount