I got my new Arai...

Here it is to replace my poor 5 month old Shoei, it does look ace in this colour, dont actually collect it until ive had my fitting and hamster cheek pads fitted…:smiley:



Crikey Someone’s splashing the cash :hehe:

So you dropped the other one so to get one that matching your new bike :stuck_out_tongue:

wickid lid, i had mien for a month before i had a spill :smiley: except mine was blue which is much better :wink:

Nice lid mate.

Nice helmet Westie . . . :stuck_out_tongue:

it helps to work for a fivestar arai dealer!:smiley:

Suppose you’re going to ask TQ to polish your helmet again :smiley:

Looks nice in that colour too…Marks got the black/silver one and I think my son’s got the blue.

very cool :slight_smile:
what happened to the shoei?

it was my own fault at the demise of the shoei, she was sat on the seat of the TL, a bit of wind whisked it off the seat and crack onto a concrete floor at a bp petrol station, then it rolled along the forecourt, hence me nearly crying, i really liked my shoei.

Not surprised with your wind problem :P:hehe:

now get tq3 anne to polish it for ya! :smiley:


they hold up well in accidents aswell. I wouldnt mind getting mine xrayd to see the condition of the inside is like.


was only a month old… best £260 i spent :slight_smile:

Gutted, an expensive mistake, but its a lovely lid that… Just dont fookin drop it this time! :wink:

Well ive been wearing it for 4 days now, and i gotta say fantastic fit, loads of vents that actually work, i love the little flaps in the visor too…:slight_smile:

I only bought this one cos a very sexy customer of mine had it and highly recomended it…:smiley:

just to let you know they dont xray the helmet they just insect it. xray cud damage it.

xrays can damage a lid?? :w00t:

Trust you to buy a ‘chaser’ :wink:

Now dearheart, remember, DON’T balance it on your bike again (especially not the tank - petrol fumes = bad) and DO NOT PUT YOUR GLOVES IN YOUR NEW LID!!!

If anyone is not aware why its because you pick up chemical deposits on your gloves ie oil and petrol etc which will over time dissolve the EPS liner, (the polystyrene protective layer), halve the lifespan of your lid and worse of all render it unsafe to use.

Oh ta Jonny big boy, will take notice of what youve said!!, i love my arai, its so cool in the camo green…:smiley: