I got my first bike!!

Yay, I’ve finally got my first bike!!!

Its an Aprilia RS125!!!

Its purple, red and silver and is absolutely mint!!

Its not the fastest but its the first bike I’ve owned and she’s gorgeous!!!

So I’ll definatly be on lots more ride outs now!!!

I’ll try and post some pics up soon.

Dang thats one pretty little stroker you have there ma’am

  • might want to look at that a bit closer once you get the handling sorted, very quick in the right hands they are…

Awesome first bike! Much cooler than a CBR 125 or something :wink:

Why thank you! :smiley:

I bought it off a friend, its only done 14000 miles and he’s had it all set up. The only thing I have to do is clean the carb as its been sat for a while. Other than that it has a brand new set of Bridgestone’s waiting for me to wear in!! :smiley:

Although I haven’t been riding long so I’m sure I’ll need some advice off of everyone at some point!

RS125’s are teh bees knees, proper handling and a two stroke engine capable of putting out close to and over…30bhp, impressive for a 125!±

speak to photographichero, hes had one :wink:

Hehe plenty of advice on here… one main thing is that you need to give the strokers a good blast every now and again, esp. if you are doing a lot of town type riding…

Sounds nice :slight_smile: Congratulations :cool:

I won’t be using it for, mainly because I work late evenings.

I’ve ridden before, obviously but I have this massive fear of riding around lots of cars. I know its a bit silly and I know I’m more than able to ride a bike but I have this constant fear someone’s going to knock me off my bike. If I could get over that I would be fine. I’m fine as a pillion though!
Any ideas for me?

practice! make yorself do it o get over teh fear, just do it in steps, i used to be very worried about wet weather riding, now im fine in the wet.

maybe go ride with one or two peeps you can trust, get them to ride either side of you, escorting ya if ya like.

the more you ride, in differing situations teh better you will feel and teh better your ridng will be.

Great bike, watchout its the most nickable 125 on the road, those 17 year olds drop em, smash em up then nick yours to replace the parts they need.

Get yourself a decent alarm, padlock etc, in fact employ a bodyguard to watch over it at night.

Dont mean to scare you but they are sought after.

Lovely looking bikes.

Thanks, i think i probably just need to get use to being on the bike alot more.

yep thats the bottom line, more time you spend on the bike riding, teh more confident you will feel.

ditto the stolen bit, keep it well locked up!

I am only down the road in Hayes, give me a shout if you wanna get out at all

Cheers Trisckie, will let you know when its up and about!

Will also have to bring her to the Ace, will make a change from the Mini :smiley:

i hear u still are :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

**** OFF!!:stuck_out_tongue: i dont go for runs in the wet, no point. plan and simple for me.and when i say i used to be…if you see what i rode through on teh way back from france…AHEM…with a pillion…then you would not say word young curtis! so you can…lordy off!:hehe::w00t:

Glad you got some wheels sorted :cool:

My advice is to never forget the bit above that I quoted, works for me :wink:

See you out and about :smiley:

They are well quick once direstricted and re-jetted, in fact a friend of mine had one that went up to 110mph but I would seriously advise you against doing it because as he found out the hard way, once they are direstricted there is a high risk of serious damage to piston / barrell and cam shaft. It can be very dangerous locking up your rear wheel at 110mph, imagine in a corner!!

So keep it like that, they are plenty fun as they are. And as said above they beat all the other 125’s in the same catergory, like the Cagiva Mito and the Honda CB125R.

You are the proud owner of pretty much the best 125 out there. Very nice.

Ditto the other advice – ride between 2 experienced riders whenever you can, but still ride your own ride – if the one in front goes too fast, don’t try and catch up, let them wait for you. Bike to bike comm’s are good for confidence also but practice is the only way!

Good luck!

Nice one Jobie, sounds like you’ve found a peach there:)

Make sure you use fully synthetic 2 stroke oil, the best you can afford to keep out of trouble:)

You will find lots of help and advice on here http://www.apriliaforum.com/forums/index.php