i got my bike back!!

i got my bike back from the repair shop!!, it took 1 and a half weeks and cost 250 pounds!!! but finnaly i got my bike bck, but i can only go slow for 400 miles to run the new engine in!!!

Good news, 450 miles should take a couple of days, just go on a long ride.

What’d you do?

broke drive belt and oil pump belt, then my brother (adam. h) decied to swap the pipes areound so i had collent in my engine and oil in my radiator!!

oooooooooooooooofffffffffffffffffffff how about that for a kick in the nuts!

Doh, nice one Chris

Surely this should be in the name and shame section.

Great, we’ll see you around soon then? You need a faster bike

well at the moment this is all i can have, ill just have to be patient