I got hit (contains profanity)

I was on my way to Essex today as had a few things to do there. Saw Smiled on the way there too which was a pleasant surprise. However I was going in the wrong direction.

On my way to Hammersmith as I backtracked into Central London, we were all going at a crawl possibly at 10 mph or less with me in the centre of my lane as normal when I gave a quick look to my right and backwards (call it instinct) and I saw this great big people carrier seconds before it hit me. The bike started to swerve from the impact and I only just managed to stay on as I moved away from the psycho.

As we were still stationary, I turned my head around and was preparing to come off my bike as I was determined to kick his windows in. However the guy in the car next to me just told me to cool it, that the guy was an obvious a*&hole. Like the true man that he was, the piece of ape sh&t simply sat in his car behind, no attempt at an apology. NOTHING

My leg felt pretty sore from where I had been hit so I just headed home and had to forgo the trip.

I have just gotten home, and I am in a rage and just wish I had keyed the trolls car in or something.

Plus on the way home I had some wrinkly b%tch shaking her head at me when she saw me on the bike. There were other comments from other gorilla men in cars asking me why I was riding a bike (to get away from you, you ugly c*nt)

I am still in a rage and I am just not sure how people cope with all this crap on a daily basis. Honestly I just feel exhausted

At least you are ok tho,at the end of the day you did the right thing,did you get his reg? possible hit and run case there,or failing to stop,and if you had of damaged the car in an act of retaliation (totally justified of course ) you can bet that the police would have came down hard on you,the big bad biker


Well done for holding back, your a better person than i ever will be… now if that was me…

I’d still be there now shouting at them

And that’s not an exaggeration

ChocFawn, sounds like a nightmare and I also don’t know how peeps cope with it everyday. Keeping cool is the best way unless you have very broad vocabulary hehe which, on reflection, it appears you may have

Sorry to hear you been throught that! Bad people are everywhere…

Damn dude… I would have gotten midevil on his ass Any damage to you or the bike?

Well the bike is alright. My right leg is slightly swollen

The Sidi vertigo boots I had on really protected me though. I hate to think what would have happened if I had had trainers on.

I just dont get it. I actually think it was intentional

Chocfawn sorry to hear about you S***ty day I know it doesn’t help much but it could have been a lot worse, did you get the arseholes reg details and how’s your leg holding up

Oh and there is nothing to get Chocfawn people in our fair city get a little more twisted and ****ed in the head with every passing day.

The car drivers that block your path on purpose while filtering, or pull out in front of you even though they have clearly seen you may hate bikers but im sure the fact that they may actually kill someone rarely crosses their minds

No thats the problem because as he hit me, I moved forward slightly. I then turned around to get a better look at his vehicle and reg but he had moved back into his previous lane.

For someone who had been in such a hurry a few secs before, he stayed well back and kept to his lane after the incident so I didnt get a look at his plates

That is why I think it was intentional

Leg is in ice. If the swelling doesnt stop will have to see doc.

Sorry but I just couldn’t keep my cool in that situation…haven’t got the self control. Would have twated him for sure.

Was riding through Redhill on friday and spied an Audi with the driver on the phone, he’d obviously p****d someone off before as the word Twat was scratched into the drivers door with an arrow pointing upwards. It did make me chuckle to myself…

Oh chocfawn, bad luck Are you going to claim against him? Hope your leg goes down… Barry, that’s very funny.


woman are you ok???

at least u did not get hurt…

why the hell would someone want to do that…

absolute muppets!!!

I’d be going mental - you should of stopped to get his insurance details (even if you don’t use them - he will be sh#tin himself thinkin he’s gonna get done) but well done for holding back!

Barry you made me chuckle too

Ure ok thats the main thing…this world is full of tssers but for every tsser u meet some1 nice! SO was there no damage to the bike?

No damage at all thanutz. just damage to my leg

If you got his reg you could do him for assault. It was obviously premeditated.


did you get his registration plate?

Choc Fawn, sorry to hear about this. Even if you didn’t get his plate report to the police (The police are likely to fob you off with can’t do anything, this being the case take the name, rank and shoulder number of the officer not willing to help). You can make a claim for compensation against the untraced drivers section of the MIB for injury, but only if the police are informed. If you need help with this or if any one needs help with this PM me, its what I do. I am not towting for business and shortly there should (fingers crossed) be a way where I can help you all out officially

At the moment however I am willing to give any member here pro bono advise on accident claims or insurance claims issues.

Thanks all

ps Get Sidi boots, they are soooo worth it