I got filmed on the way home last night

On Euston Road, I was in the bus lane approching the underpass west bound, when I notice a guy with a tv camera on a tripod filming me as I go past.


Probably the CSA :slight_smile:

Anorak waiting for a routemaster :slight_smile:

Covert cycling lobby ,making sure your being good using their bus lanes,

maybe some kind of news snippet or documentary about biking or commuting or the changes that Boris has brought in?

maybe your going to be an extra in some sort of motorcycle porn film

pmsl. trust u! :slight_smile:


I actually saw a porn clip with a bike in…er, by mistake…yesterday.

I was thinking 'hmm, a cbr eh" and “so that’s what that akito jacket looks like in real life”, then wondered if there was something wrong with paying more attention to the bike related stuff…

You’ll be in the news about how motorbikers are using bus lanes…they’ll be interviewing a cyclist who will be calling you everything under the sun for using their area! :smiley:

its not THEIR area only:D

I agree…but they think it is…poor deluded individuals! :smiley:

Ha! Brilliant! :hehe:

:DAtomic - they will make a star outta you!!!:smiley:

Yeah, been there. . . er. . . ahem. . . by mistake like yourself, natch :blush::hehe:

I was filmed before in the eighties when I was dispatch riding, there was a lot of news items about couriers in them days for some forgotten reason, so when ever an courier item came on they used to show a montage of couriers working around London. I was the one with the white Simpson on riding around Cambridge circus. :stuck_out_tongue:

Obviously star quality.

could’ve been a random occurance, a student making an artsy film. they’re always out and about down my neck of the woods

probably one of the governments new speeding schemes, hidden cameras inside other cameras :w00t: the guy filming is really a robot registering your speed, lisence plate, tax, mot, insurance, where you live, where you shop, your fav brand of undies…etc etc, all the things our government have to know for our own safety :slight_smile: