I got Dyno'd!

I’ve always struggled with the power on my tired old CBR6, there only ever seemed to be any decent power between 8 and 10 thou. Before and after that it was rubbish! So on the track I really struggled getting up to sped on the straights (of course it the bike and not me!!). I just put it down to me being a crap rider an it being an old bike, one day I would upgrade.

I’d been toying with the idea of getting a Dyno test just out of interest but figured it was just an old knackered bike and Dyno’s were for race bike tuned to within an inch of their lives. After I got Mark from M-Tek to balance my carbs I figured now was a good time to take the plunge. I bit the bullet and took it down to HM Racing in Orpington. I was a bit nervous as I wasn’t on a tricked up race bike but the guys there are great and made me feel really welcome! I still wasn’t convinced there was much point in me getting it done and felt I was throwing good money after bad. Anyway they did the Dyno test and I was amazed at the results. Turned out that because I had a Yoshi can and K&N air filter it was running lean and the power dropped way off before and after 8 and 10 thou!! Of course I felt like a pro test rider all of a sudden “yeah I was having problems around there!!”

They said they could fix this by replacing the main jets. I thought ‘in for penny in for a pound’. I have to say I still was convinced! Well that was until he cranked the old girl up again (to about 175mph at one point!!) and the power curver was completely smooth!! Check out the graph you can see I now have a whole truck load of power where before there was nothing!! Blue is the ‘before’ and the red is ‘after’.

Now I’m very excited to stretch her legs and feel the difference!

So I’ve learnt that you don’t have to have a tricked up race bike to take serious advantage of a Dyno Jet, especially if you’ve up’d the can and air filter!! Do it!



Good guys those HM Racing lot. Did my R1 suspension there and was very pleased with the results.

quick question…

how much did they charge you 4 the dyno sessions?

I think the basic one Dyno run is £45. By the time I had all the work done it cost me about £150.

If you just want a basic dyno power run then take it to Southern Cross Motorcycles in Kilburn.

Cheap and cheerful (I think about £20)

Looking at your results Mike, looks like a good investment - next stop…the suspension I would think!

Afro - why did you get your bike fettled with - it’s being ridden by you!

Yesterday I did my first trackday after having this done. Seriously, nearly came off the back a couple of times just because the extra power took me by surprise!! What a difference! I can now give the best of them a serious run for their money on the straights which I could never do before!

Yeah the back suspension is worn. Trouble is it’s an old bike so I don’t want to throw good money after bad. Just want to spend enough. I’ll look into the cost of getting it sorted. I have to say it was feeling a little wobbly coming out of Clark Curve at Brands when giving it some beans leant right over.


Have a word with B on this forum - he is suspension guru!

Did a quick check of my 2002 7r, with 20k miles - suspension he reckoned was fine, springs good, no bearing probs or linkage movement - yours might be too, or he’ll recommend fixes and quote cost of repair

He’s sorting my suspenders this weekend

Sweet, I’ll drop him a line. Sadly mine is a '99 with the best part of 40 thou on the clock! Still hopefully it might be good news!