I got a wobble!

no I’ve not been eating too much pie (ok well maybe) but I’m borrowing my mate’s CB500 at the moment and between 20-40mph there’s a nasty wobble from the front wheel, so much so I can’t let my hand off for more than a split second.

Front wheel and headrace bearing have no play in them, any ideas what else it can be apart from wheel needs balancing?

Suspension settings, wheel alignment…maybe the frame is bent?

All our company CBFs have that wobble, nothing is being done about it coz decisions about the vehicles and equipment are made by people who know feck all about bikes and dangers of not wearing some reasonably good quality clothing and lid…:w00t:

Does it do it when both accelerating and decelerating or only one or the other?

Sometimes top boxes can produce this effect. Had it with my Bandit some time back and thought the head races needed replacing, but then I rode it without the top box and all was well.

ooh interesting, it has a givi E36 on the back and I’ve never used a top box before. will try without, cheers!

Colin Chapman once told me (got to love/hate a bit of name dropping) that “most problems with the back end of a vehicle are problems at the front and a lot of problems at the front are really problems at the back”.

I spent ages looking for something wrong with the front of my '78 BMW. Then found out, quite by chance, that the front end didn’t weave at 80+ when the (empty) panniers were not fitted.

Ditch the top box and see what happens.

I have a CB500 for work. Its got an aftermarket fairing on it. I also get a horrible wobble at 20-40mph. No box on it. Ive put it down to the fairing but i think thats rubbish!

Suspension set up = not available. I think all CB’s suspension components are welded :smiley:

Run your hand round the front tyre and check for abnormal wear patterns

Yeah tried that too.

Ive checked wheel to wheel alignment, single wheel alignment

still wobbles like crazy and cant lift hands.

I got sim prob: Im going to see mate with same bike and change the front wheel over see if he gets it, and if it stops, got new tyres, was told it s pos, i might have a dogie front tyre,:w00t:, so another bill, dont think they will change it done just under 2k on them, but if it is , I will try:D

Check for a warped front disk or a gummed up rear drum.

I bet on front tyre try more pressure I run 34psi!in the front or just replace, if the front tyre is run soft it seems to develop these wobbles! Uneven ware seems to be the cause

firstcheck tyre pressure

then the following

uneven/abnormal tyre wear

wheel balance weights . are there any fitted? if not its worth getting them balanced .cheap to do

look for damage to the wheel its self are there any cracks etc

WHEEL BEARING this seems to be over looked alot or missed

brakes check the brake disks for damage/ warp? are the brake pads very worn and moveing about??? caliper bolts tight? all bolts tight? bolts missing??

check the forks for the above

if you cant find anything it could be a loose engine mount etc go over the whole bike including the back wheel etc as vibration and sound does travel some weird paths sometimes maybe a bit over the top but better to do than dont do i hope this helps

Cheers MrBike.Ill check them out. Is it wrong to play chicken with teh woblle and let go of the bars?Ive been testing it and it only happens after accelerating up to around 30-40mph and then rolling off the throttle. no other time

JUST sorted the wobble, on my birdxx,:smiley:

was told and thought myself that the only thing left it could be is a dodgie front tyre, wich is new,

so after cheking all the bearings and forks, i did the head bearings last year,

so i took it to http://www.allinlondon.co.uk/directory/1079/114143.php

he,s the only one i trust really, he test rid it came back and said he felt it too, thank god,

after looking at all I already looked at, he loosened the head bearings, and YES perfect,

had the wobble for two months, so the bearings tightened them selfs. hope it helps in you case.

ooo worth looking into. why not!

Glad you got yours sorted

changed my rear tyre and still got it. the rear shocks are p1ssing oil though, so it’s probably them :stuck_out_tongue:

does seem strange to be at 20mph, handle bar weights in place ?

Its when i roll off the throttle. hates it. bar ends are the awful Motrax style rubbish that screw in (not my choice)