my second bike

** knee down! :stuck_out_tongue: **

You muppet!

HAHHAHA KNEE DOWN. Faster than your current ride mate, less gay too xD
Jokes jokes :smiley:

Ed, you have issues but you have made me smile for the first time today :slight_smile: Thankyou :smiley:

ive been trying to get my knee down while sitting on my dog but hes not up for it :hehe:

nice one,u in rattys nd club yet:D

glad i could makes u happy :smiley:

keep trying :wink:

lol no not yet


Awesome pictures!

Is it an automatic then?:w00t:

:w00t:your tyres are looking a bit slick mate! or are they race spec? :smiley:

full 6 gears mate :wink:

does 0mph no matter how fast i pedal :stuck_out_tongue:

race spec all the way :wink:

Cool bean!:cool::w00t::smiley: What the strap on the front for?:blink:


hehe, like the technique! :smiley:

Defo reminds me of smiled lol :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks for making me smile on a Monday morning. Interesting technique.

hahaha! very good mate! now get some renthals on that!! :smiley:

:smiley: where;s the next pic of you sprawled all over the carriageway!?

Foolish bwoy…No sliders :smiley:


:D:D:D it looks like you are falling off rather than knee down, made me laugh on this Monday morning :D:D