I got a dilemma!!!!

Yeah there are quite a few dodgy things that are raising eyebrows…Saw an article in a magazine that tried to sell on a ducati 916 that had more than 10K miles on it, and no dealer would touch it unless they were able to get it for sillly money (like under £2,000)…

Better to never meet your heros??? But I am sure there are good 998’s out there for not too much more, but the extras look nice… the wheels are gonna be like £1,500?

Take a step back, see if it is still in the window in Feb (Probably) then make them an offer.

How much are we talking about, how relative is the £1K?

And, how much could something that could go wrong due to lack of servicing be to fix?

Are you looking to keep or sell soon (lack af history, if the servicing has been done won’t matter if you’re not selling).

6 months warranty sounds good to me, is it fairly comprehensive?

If this is right http://www.parkers.co.uk/motorbikes/used-prices/Valuation.aspx?plate=69&deriv=5402 and it’s £5K instead of £6 I would say that you’re spending so much that you should make sure it’s the right one.

Seen Bike this month? V2 Liters (or 749s) for £5.5K - £6k

I’ll second the shout out for Cornerspeed, don’t even bother getting any info from the Ducati dealers. I spoke to the guy at Cornerspeed last week about the ST2 I recently bought he gave some good tips & I ordered a load of bits & bobs which arrived this morning. Top man :slight_smile:

chunky I would buy it but ask if you can have a report done on the bike prior to taking it…if it has 12 month or even 3 months warranty and you then take it to a good dealer who will, give it the once over then you can likely get any major things fixed…

Buy it, and then just enjoy the fact you have what you want,if it needs a bit of work then so be it, you do know bikes. do the work…

My experience of Ducattis is that people bodge repairs, …trying to stop the oil pressure switch from leaking they over tioghten them and strip the threads…new cases expensive…so they use liqiud metal or worse and you dont find out until you go track daying or have a good blast…Any damaged alloy parts will cost a bob or two check for lose screws good sign of damaged threads…you know about the colour of the oil and the likelyhood of a head gasket failure…but anything else like discs and pads and chains and services these are normal just a fact of bike ownership, if you have to change them, or do them now rather then later then ce la vie…

Then have fun on it…oh by the way its not a V twin again is it by any chance…

You know you could always as Phil Holmes, he’s got an old Duc. Give him the details and see what he says … :slight_smile:

Wih no service history i would either walk away or ask for a much bigger discount than the £1000 they said.

best answer yet…

You got that spot on Stu… It’s screen price is £4995 - 1K under book price.Grid Girl… Good call hun. I forgot Phil was a Ducatisti:D I’m gonna give him a call tomorra, he’s bound to have noticed it on his travels eh?;)Cheers all for the comments.I’m still none the wiser, my mind changes on the hour;)

I presume that no service history means it was not serviced by a Ducatti dealer - otherwise the dealer selling it would have got the service history from Ducatti.

So even if you get £1000 or more off , it will still not have a service history for the early years. You will therefore get less for it when you come to sell - so if the bike is actually in a good condition you may end up no better off - if it is in bad condition you will have to spend on it and be even worse off because you get less when you sell.

I’ve taken advice from an old pal who knows Dukes inside out and he recons a 916 type bike without a FSH is only worth scrap value so theres my answer.:hehe:

I will continue to dream the dream and thanks everyone for your input:)

If you want something that much, get it. If not this particular bike then find another one like it but with all the tickets etc

Ducatis - making mechanics out of riders since 1931 (or something like that) I’d still buy one in a heartbeat… if I had the money and a good set of spanners :smiley:

You hesitated because you instinctively knew to question it. Go with your gutt always… your heart may lead you astray… your head my be too logical… gutt feeling always. :slight_smile: