I get my A-Level results in the morning

I have never been so on edge in all my life, I havent slept for a week !!!

good luck

Good luck! Let us know when you’re celebrating your results at the A’s Cafe :wink:


Good luck mate :slight_smile:

Seriously though … punnerific! :smiley:

good luck

good luck

Fingers crossed, and let us all know how it goes.

Best of luck!

Good luck Emma, my daughter is waiting for hers this morning as well, she is not expecting great news though :ermm:

Well not sure how I did do, but I just logged into UCAS and I have deffinitely got a place at uni so they cant have been that bad :slight_smile: lets go get dressed and find out eh !!

Yay! Go on, go get em.

Here’s anticipating the good news. :cool:

Nice one on getting into Uni, reading the news it looks a lot harder this year to get onto your chosen course. I hope the results are good too!

Wow so you are able to find out if you made your first choice or second choice before even seeing the results? Congrats.

After that nothing else matters. You’ll be there in September, bless you.

Enjoy it while it lasts, they are great years and afterwards life is a bit pants until you get a fast bike. Then it’s ok again.

Excellent news, off you go and get the good results. Celebration time!:smiley:

fingers crossed for you

I got results ACC, which is far more than I needed to get the place I wanted, considering I gave up right at the end I am well and truly over the moon. Off to make some phone calls now, I want to change my course, never happy with what i’v got i’m not :smiley:

Then i’m off to get pissed :smiley: happy days !!

Congratulations, get yourself some champagne :slight_smile:

Well done Emma :slight_smile:

Taylor got an A in Graphics, D in Media, D in Maths and a U in Psychology. It is her first year so not as bad as she expected, she will drop Psychology for the second year and retake parts of her Maths but has secured her place for the second year then hopefully Uni after that.

Once again congratulations on your space at Uni.