i fought the law.....and finally gave in

ok so in the few years ive been rideing ive only ever displayed a tax disc once on my bike, cos the first one got nicked and it was a pain to get it replaced.

so ive always carried it with me in my wallett with my id. Ive been noticed a cple of times by police but always explained my reasoning and they’ve been cool about it.

so today, after picking up some new leather trousers in brick lane, i stop at the BP garage on the A13 (eastbound) and theres a black rat, in his big bmw estate and his mates getting a pie or a donut or 3.

Im filling up and nod a polite nod. he then gets out walks over to me and says hello, looks round the bike, asks where my tax is, so i tell him the story.

He has a go at me and asks to see my disc, and i produce it , without him seeing me get it out of my wallet.

then he threatens to stick me on for ’ failing to display’.

and he was right nasty too.u.

so ive relented and bought a disc holder, but it wont go on the bike where its supposed to , so im still wrong!!!

and before those of you who know ask, no i didint tell him what i do for a job, he’d probably have just written the ticket out saying i should know better.(which i should)

well ive had my moan about the old bill…now its your turn…did you ever fight the law and give in

I was going to fight the law but then my wife gave me a slap and I stopped it. She’s far more scary than any copper!

Teach you not to nod at the old bill

I always eat humble pie, I find it’s the best policy!

That said, I can’t remember the last time I had tax displayed on my bike. I don’t honestly know where I’d put one on my bike. With it all down on computer nowadays, it’s completely irrelevant whether or not it’s on the bike. Odd.

You weren’t whistling YMCA when you winked at them were you?

Until you realise how poor the computer system is…

I’ve never not put the disc on a bike…what is there to gain by not?

Mine is on my bike. Was stopped on Friday evening 10.30’ish and the police were checking that all drivers/riders had road tax etc… I was courteous to the officer and he was polite to me. Wished me all the best once he saw the colour photocopy of the disc on my fairing. Job done. Original is at home safe and sound.

I’m with Jay on this one. There is nowhere to put it, and besides it is all electronic now anyway.

can you actually do that? i.e. have a photocopy of the tax disk not the tax disk?

Only last week …Swiss Cottage…I ride right in to a Police Check Operation, I got waved over and the Copper explains whats what and whys why…I told him Im pig sick of getting the disk nicked and replacing it and get the wallet out I keep it in.

After the Barro speech and all the trimmings…I havent got it !..for the life of me I havent a clue where it is but…He did a check…all of ten seconds to find out that the bike is taxed, insured and registered to the address I told him it was !!

He then points out the londonbikers stickers on the tail and says “oi Ive been on that site”, “Ive read a couple of articles about track days and just come back from Germany” “Had a great time” “That site aint bad is it” “Like it”…

“Ok then…on yer way and dont forget next time eh”

Cheers Officer…Byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!

Be Polite…No Lip…and get dealt with like a human being…simple.

Here endeth the lesson !!!

So the moral of this is it’s better to display an LB sticker than a road fund licence

Same Difference Chunk…your details are there to be checked no matter.

But id go for the Londonbikers sticker everytime…

You should have just said it was stolen… Then they’d check their computers and it would come up insured and taxed(& hopefully tested). You then look like the innocent victim…


ha ha …yeah i get ya reasoning but why tell a lie when ya totally in order anyway ?

and aint it nice to know that during these “Checking Operations” or (whatever they call em) some dirty scum bike nicking bastids gonne get caught right out !!

Lovely Jubbly !!!

I haven’t displayed mine on the bike for over 10 yrs.

I just don’t and i never get grief, i don’t say who i am either.

It can be proved on the roadside, the only ‘actual’ offence you commit is ‘fail to display’ and it has to be one jobsworth to actively pursue that.

oh he was a true Black Rat through and through. definate garage PS material.

would have taken great pleasure in sticking me on for it.

but be my luck next time the bikes in the yard at work he’d come in and see it , remember stopping me and check i was displaying.

he sure wont getting a tea if hes in the canteen!!!

same here - it’s been a fair few many long years.
whichever officer chases that offence should be up before the magistrate instead of the offender…lol.

Failing to display. What is the penaulty for that, out of interest.

Mine lives under the seat.

the police have 30 pound non-endorseable FPN’s for simply not displaying and 60 pound non-endorseable FPN’s for ANPR operations where someone does not have a tax disc.


Out of interest what’s the advice on this then?

I’ve just moved to London(2 months ago) and to be fair I only remembered about a week ago that I’d bought a new tax disc just before my move and hadn’t replaced the one on the bike with the new one, I put it on the bike Friday night after cleaning the bike, as I managed to remember this week, and wouldn’t really have considered worrying about it being nicked until reading this thread.

Now I’m wondering if I should stick it under the seat so I have it with me but not somewhere it could get nicked?

Is tax disc theft a big thing in London?

Any advice from our boys in blue?