I finally got round to buying my R6 and now I have a new lease on life :-D

Hey all…well hi, my names Beth and I have an R6…haha i feel like I am at an AA meeting :-/

Do my best to get out on her as much as I can, but am low on local bike buds…so if anyone is arranging any rideouts hit me up as would love to try an make it…

Ciao for now :slight_smile:

hello and welcome,enjoy the bike:D

Welcome to LB. Keep an eye on the rideouts section there is quite a lot going on.

welcome, where abouts are you? just put a thread up and arange your own rideout if you’re ever bored

Hello and welcome to LB:D. Where does that username come from then!!!

Broady - surprised a man of your calibre didn’t know it’s the name of an orchid:)

Hi and welcome aboard.

Could have googled it I suppose,but had a lazy moment:D

Pleased to save you the bother, doesn`t explain such an exotic choice of username.

HEY WELCOME TO LB :slight_smile:

Gonna call you DEN cos ur names too long !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

What area are u in girlie? Im in essex, so if u are near…give me a pm and we can take our babies out for a ride…err and the bikes as well !!! hee hee :wink:

Can we come too?:slight_smile:

Hello and welcome. Nice user name. :slight_smile:

Hiya & welcome to LB :smiley:

welcome to LB!:smiley:

welcome to lb enjoy the ride :slight_smile:

Welcome to LB Beth


hi and welcome :slight_smile:

Hi NAd welcome.

What part of London are you in?