I finally did it

I’m pleased to say it has only taken to the 2nd of June but I finally took out the winter liner.


I haven’t got a liner in my leathers

What’s this winter liner you speak of?

Oh you mean the car


+1 pusillanimous

I’ve been riding all through winter with the summer jacket (no liner) and mesh trousers with a windproof over trouser.

You older people with your non-diabetic non-arthritic limbs! Last time I rode was the start of the month and it was still lining and extra layers weather then. Even my glucometer would not work because with the wind chill it was below its operating temperature.

But after going out on Saturday, I had to switch to the mesh jacket and gloves for Monday. Not the trousers, though I considered them with over-trousers. Which seemed for the best heading out in cloud then fog, but I certainly regretted once in the sun.