I feel very low :(

I currently have a Piaggio Zip 50cc and will be part exchanging this moped for a Honda CBR 125r this friday (30th), done all the payments and everything, and guess what I crashed my Piaggio into a car while coming home from work!..2 days before the part exchange!..the front panel has a big crack!..lights and everything else is not damaged…What is the coincidence of this happening?

Also the place where the accident occured was right outside the dealers! I can’t believe my luck…I feel so small and really really gutted…:crying:

Ah dude thats rough luck, anything gaffer tape and few cable ties can hide :wink:

Unlucky dude…

Hope things look up.

there’s an exception to every rule. this is the one for “if you can’t fix it with duct tape and zip ties then you’ve not used enough”

sounds like you were not hurt so its not all bad.

check on gumtree for zip pannels, usually a few going on there real cheap…is it just the front pannel thats damaged?..if so, pics, how bad?

That’s rough, I know how you feel. Many years ago I hit a Transit with my Honda 400/4 just up the road from the dealers when I was actually on my way to make the exchange. The paperwork was signed and deposit paid and everything. That took some sorting out. Good luck.

park your bike down the road when you exchange it for the new one if they come out to inspect it say shite how’d that happen look so gutted that they feel sory for you and just px it anyway

night before we px’d our fiat bravo for a people carrier i ran into a car fiat needed new bumper bonnet wing headlights and radiator but dealer just put it through his insurance didt even ask to pay towards it:D

How did it go today? Did you part ex it?

If not, try all the scrap merchants for spare panels as they have loads. :smiley:

shame i never still had the zip 50 i had that was sitting out in the garden for ages. if they don’t do it u can get plastic repair and respray the front panel on the cheap? lol:P

Hope your luck has picked up

thx u all for your concern :)I took the zip on thursday, the day before the exchange and showed them the nasty damage…they revalued it and said i will need to pay up another £300. Which isn’t too bad compared to the damage I done. Apparantly not only the front panel was busted but also the steering alignment was bent, and where the feet rest was all cracked!. I picked up my CBR 125R yesterday (friday) and tried it on their side street, unfortunately i kept stalling it! as i’ve never done gears on a bike b4. Made me nervous so i told them you’ll have to drop it down for me. They kindly did. Tried it later on in the evening and i was perfect on it! lol…took it out for a drive (a good hour) and really tried getting used to the gears. I stalled it once! so not too bad…My right foot is in a bit of pain as I kept it at an up angle away from the foot brake when i wasn’t using it…for some reason i know this is incorrect what i was doing! lol…pls guyz enlighten me… hehehe

Congratulations on sorting out the new bike. Sounds like you got away with it quite lightly! :smiley:

You should be able to adjust the brake pedal down a bit if you need to, and may find it better to ride on your toes a bit more?

Happy riding, and stay safe!!


Resting on your toes keeps them away from lever too - stops panic breaking, and resting on the brake pedal too. You’ll find a comfy position soon… you’ll have to if you’re anything like me with size 12 feet! lol

Wish you all the best :smiley:

go do your cbt on a geared bike atleast fella! as at the moment you’re riding illegally if you didnt do it on a geared bike and also you will learn alot about slow control etc in a safer environment :slight_smile:

You’re not riding illegally as you’re still on a 125.
Either drop your foot off to the side of the pedal or slide your foot back a bit (so the ball of your foot is on the peg).
You’ll find a comfy position in no time!
Good luck x

If he did his CBT on a non-geared bike he is not entitled to ride a geared bike AFAIK…

But the dealers/instructors said I can? Man i’m sh!tting myself now! :blink:

Looks like I might be wrong. Seems this only applies to the full test (i.e. if you do you test on an automatic transmission you can’t legally ride a manual).

"As far as CBT is concerned, the certificate is valid for either automatic or manual machines, regardless of the type of machine used on the course.

However, with all of the Full licence groups, if you pass your test on a manual machine you can ride automatics, but if you pass your test on an automatic machine, your full licence is valid for automatics only, and you are still subject to learner restrictions when riding a manual machine."

ok, i’ve stopped sh!tting myself now! lol