I feel unclean

Just agreed £550 with my bro-in law for his car…riding all winter was freezing cold (genuinely painful on a few journeys) and shopping on a bike is a right pain in the backside…

Still keeping the bike mind, but suspect next winter it will spend more days parked up than taking me to and from work.

I just won’t be able to be so smug once I own a cage of my own.

Rule No 1 of buying cars: never buy from your family or mates.

£550? Have you checked it’s still got an engine and all 4 wheels are its own?

Last one he sold me was £80…lasted about 4 months b4 the engine blew up…one b4 that, now that was a pile of shite!


At least you can learn from the past - join the AA & Green Flag, now.

But £80 for a car. What do you expect? 4 months is pretty good for £80! It’s like the old joke, ‘How do you double the value of a Skoda? Fill it with petrol’, or ‘What do you call a convertible £80 car? A skip’

I would never buy off family and friends.

Yep - reckon 4 months for £80 was superb value - works out at £240 a year!

The one b4 that though - nightmare - once broke down in the middle lane of a motorway in heavy traffic - then all the traffic cleared - leaving me broke down in the middle lane in 70mph traffic. I never did properly thank the lorry who blocked all three lanes whilst we pushed it onto the hard shoulder.

Ah… Man! I should never have uttered the words “Ford Escort” to you on Sunday!

The Quad would’ve been so much cooler :cool:

Much easier for you then, having none and all that :D:D

nothing wrong with having options. As long as you didn’t sell the bike to buy a car you may feel clean again, lol.

So long as it’s not a BMW :wink:

I don’t agree tbh.

i bought both my cars of a mate - he’s had and looked after them both - I’d rather buy like that where I know the history of the car than some dealer/ebay/garage who you don’t know in the slightest and are just a business trying to make as much money as possible out of you.

It can work out well but you take a risk.

I learnt when I bought from a mate once, but his ‘reliable, no problems car’ gave me all sorts of hassle which turned out to be due to it being an unrecorded insurance write-off - he knew, had had all sorts of problems with it, and had lied through his teeth to me. He’s no longer my mate, or many of my mates’ mate…

I also learnt when I bought a car off a good acquaintance (not quite a mate) who was a Gulf War hero, been on tv many times. He took me for a complete ride (pardon the pun) when he sold me his car on his return from Germany to the UK. He told me it was a real bird-puller, and as he had lots of girlfriends I paid a really good price, but when he’d gone I never pulled with it, not once…


BMW’s are only for losers…oh hang on :doze: