I feel like a criminal

My local Sainsbury’s Petrol Station has put up a notice, whereby all motorcycle riders must remove their helmets before entering the shop.

When I asked the staff, they told me “If you wanted to hold up the shop, we would not be able to recognize you on our CCTV”, and I only fil up at their station everyday, for the last 4 months, and that is nearly 100 times lately.

I told them in a loud and happy voice “There are plenty petrol stations around”

quite right! I do the same thing… I ride away now… there’s loads of Petrol Stations around and the arguments for keeping your helmet on are spurious at best…

I feel like getting some fuel - on a date to be arranged - anyone fancy coming? We’ll need to follow the rules - form an orderly queue - remove lid and gloves - fill up - pay - put all your kit on again - properly before the next rider fills up too…

Don’t worry there’ll be plenty of pumps…

Anyone else agree?

I am in… Rush hour (when ever that is for a petrol station)

Yeah… I love that feeling of being stared at by a cage driver in a hurry while I stand beside my bike putting my Lid and Gloves back on… Slowly, making sure they’re all tucked in properly.

thats because of all them little pike kids on there scooters that keep doing runners.

That sounds like a REALLY good idea. Would it be worth writing a letter to the motorcycling press to get more riders to join in? Anyone want to suggest a victim venue? I reckon if we all hit the same garage, even if it’s not at exactly the same time of day, then it’ll REALLY pee them off, and we should all have a letter on our person to deliver when paying the £3.50 for the petrol as well. They’ll soon get the message…

This is a big national issue, would some one wearing a burka be subjected to the same treatment? Maybe we could raise the profile of this problem properly woth a short letter to the big oil companies along the lines of this is wrong sort it! Note to all posting at work so dont have time to go into full verbose wording.

If we get no reply then point out that we will arrange for 300 bikes to fill up at one of thier busiest stations all doing the helmet on and off and re attaching all kit necessary for positive id on cctv! so for me thats helmet, balaclava if cold, head over/comfy, gloves inner gloves etc, then of course we all need to do side stand down kit off back on bike so level, fill up, collect kit, go into station, pay (in pennies preferably so that wopuld be a max of a fivers worth of fuel), return to bike, zero clock, return fuel tap to ojn, kit on, get on bike and then join queue to check air pressure.

This routine could take 20 mins per pump per bike 300 bikes on an eight pump satation would take 12 and a half hours, so no cars coming in filling up with 60 litres and leaving in five minutes!

Nice idea Dan! We can have a chat about the letter and go from there. Let me have a think and I’ll put up a seperate thread in a bit to gauge support

brillient I like it lots!

Can we all pay for the minimum delivery (2 litres) with £20 notes? How long before the run out of change and have a line of bikers who can’t pay for their fuel?


Look here…