I feel like a bit of an spanner

I’ve got module 1 tomorrow, and my wallet (with my photo-card for my licence) has gone walkies, anyone seen it?

Is there any chance i can still do the test with the counterpart, CBT, theory certificate, and my passport as ID?
or do you think i might be able to have a practice run? on the bases that the time and instructor are booked…

I’d verrrry much doubt they’ll do a trial run with you lol.

However if you have an old style license apparently you must bring your passport as photo ID to back it up, so perhaps they would let you use that as a replacement but I reckon the chances are slim :frowning: Although certainly worth a go.

^^ just noticed that’s relevant for theory, but presume it covers practical too…

It’ll be in that place you thought you’d put it - so that you’d remember where it was :wink: Keep looking - you never know - it might turn up :slight_smile:

its proberbly in a ‘sensible’ place, or at least i thought it was sensible at the time…
i’ll proberbly end up finding it after i get back, and its too late
no harm in trying it though.

to do any driving test with a new style driving licence you must have both parts. A passport would only be accepted with the old style licence.


Goodluck finding it :pinch: