I feel dirty

Have bought a car. Just too old to spend another winter carless. Getting old and my fingers/toes can’t cope.

Now - anyone know where you get those “Think biker” stickers from?

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I’ve got one you can have.

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Can you post it?

is the sticker to put on the dashboard just to remind you :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :open_mouth:

That I once had balls and could ride all winter…yeah!

Also makes me think - I am now in the market for

  1. A decent provider of towbars
  2. An easy to load trailer - for upto 2 bikes.

Any thoughts.

Yes PM me your address. I’ll have to find it first. It’s somewhere among the man crap.

I have one too if Joby can’t find his

Probably best to have John’s one as it may take me a few weeks to find mine.

Kylie’s been on the phone to say you’re dead to her.

Keep hold of it for me. WIll get over at some point on 2 wheels - maybe even the pushbike now I am a top athlete :slight_smile:

Over my head - but she lost the plot years ago to be honest. She’d have to beg me now to use me to practice her BJ technique

She sent you a Valentine card BL. How could you forget?


Nah mate, she never did. Maybe it was when I was working away? Anyhow - she’s too late now. She means nothing to me.