I feel a sense of achievement today

I don’t normally shout about it, in fact I tend to stay low key as today is my birthday which is always tinged with sadness because my mother died the day before my birthday 23 years ago, so really very little to celebrate.

However, I am taking a slightly different position this year.

My Great great Grandfather, Great Grandfather, Grandfather and Uncle on my Mothers side all died aged 61 with the same heart condition I have, namely Dilated Cardio Myopathy or heart failure.

Today that monkey is off the families back as I have attained the milestone age of 62. It also means that I am the senior and eldest member of the family which is not an accolade I welcome so much, but the personal sense of achievement is there non the less :slightly_smiling_face:



Now that’s a fabulous birthday pressie. Congrats on being the new family elder.

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My uncle, his family also has a history of heart disease. No male on his side of the family got out of their 50s, he past 85 this year.

Just keep on going @T.C :+1:


Happy birthday Tony.

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Happy Birthday Tony!

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Nice one. Keep on keeping on.

My father died when he was seven years younger than I am today. His father too died at the same age from the same cancer. I’m on a screening programme because of that family history and every birthday does feel like an achievement.

Thumbs up from me. :+1: