I feel a bit out of place

After assisting Keti on Tuesday when a pedestrian ran into her (Her story at http://londonbikers.com/forums/shwmessage.aspx?ForumID=35&MessageID=141046 mine at http://scooterlondon.blogspot.com/) I received several invitations to join this forum. I confess I normally spend time on the X9 owners forum, or the Modern Vespa forum, but my partner and I have a long history of riding and maintaining bikes up to 1000cc and am enjoying what I see here.

Well you’re very welcome to the site! Loving the blog by the way.

Benvenuto, Giuliano.


No need to be so fast. I have noticed the Christmas Bash! :slight_smile:

Welcome Guiliano, hope to see you at one of the meets

And no need to feel out of place here.

Hello & welcome, wots goin on with ur neighbours garage door in ur aviator ?

is it bacon foil or bashed up hub caps

Hello Giuliano, welcome to LB and our community! Hope to meet you at our Brazen Head meet. What’s your story with riding in London then?


Plenty of moon lighting scootersist on LB too you know


My blog mentioned in my first post covers it all.

I live a pretty busy life but would like to try and make a meet.

Welcome to LB Guiliano!

Hello and welcome Guiliano.

A love of bikes is all that is required here!

I forgot to answer the question about the artistic effect on my neighbour’s garage door. It is peeling paint!

Welcome m8 I wanna play with a big scoot to see what can be done to one

A 1000 Welcomes, maybe we’ll see you down the Ace on 4/12 for the newbie meet

Poke poke with da newbie stick

Enjoy the site
Da Artist

welcome newbee…

all hero’s are welcome here

welcome to LB…giuliano…

Work may not permit it, but I will try and make it on the 4th.

Hi and welcome aboard.