***** I f*cking dropped my bike *****

What not to do on a biking holiday:w00t:

Coming Soon


Popcorn ready

I hope your cock is not poking through the bottom of the box…

Nope…Its reeled up today and strapped to my leg with a cable tie

Really annoying when it keeps poking out the bottom of your jeans… :wink:



Its a myth there’s no proof of damage

Oh yes thier is:D

I have front row seats, Rob. can’t wait:)

so, whats new then? :stuck_out_tongue:

I have given my consent for this staged paperazzi :w00t: sensationalism to be broadcast as there is intrinsic learning to be gained from watching :rolleyes:Those who spot my deliberate error can award themselves " Un Point" :wink:

As was witnessed last night by many Lber’s at the Tea-Hut, there is not a mark on my bike :smiley:


It’s BM all over again! :smiley:

… waiting …

aww Rob you bugger!

Glad I didnt do anything silly! :wink:

Unlikely to be shown as a super-injunction was obtained earlier today forbidding publication :stuck_out_tongue: :Pand the video of Rob’s performance herehttp://www.casa-casanova.de/Cochem.htmlmay be released in retribution :smiley: :smiley:

cmon, ive put extra salt on my popcorn:P

uploading to youtube now:w00t:

It’s taken an hour to upload? :stuck_out_tongue:

Got an error messege, wont upload:w00t: