I don't fancy this!


Blimey! How annoying would that be!

Bloody hell, would’nt fancy going for a ride on the bike with all those critters everywhere…LOL. Would’nt mind witnessing it though!

In Brasil we have a similar thing but with ants! I have been in the middle of the ants migration when I was little and don’t recommend…


reminds me of a girl i used to know…

Eugh, that freaks me out. Don’t mind the big crabs but the babies give me the creeps, they’re too much like spiders.

I went ocean kayaking once off Cape Cod, MA…stopped for lunch at a small sand “island”…a small sand bar in the middle of a tidal flat to be more accurate…anyway, ditched the kayak and walked ashore with my lunch…I kept hearing this “clackety-clackety” sound…coming from everywhere at once…all at once, THOUSANDS of small crabs began emerging from burrows and scurrying all over the sand. I was in the kayak and 50 yards offshore in a matter of moments…Damn those things are ugly and quite disturbing in large numbers.

I had a similar experience when I last went to a Sunderland football game oop north.

“Damn those things are ugly and quite disturbing in large numbers.”

We have the same thing happen every year where my dad is from (Dominica) its just not so many crabs, what they have to deal with its just mad