I could Cry!!!

Got home from work today and there was a letter addressed to me, It was hand written and i very rarely get hand written letters so didn’t have a clue what it was.

I opened it and it was a letter to me from someone i don’t know, when i started reading my heart sank and i felt sick!!

Dear Sam

Re:- Honda CBR1000RR Registration DU12 XOK

I have recently Purchased the above Motorcycle and i beleive you were the previous Owner…

(Won’t bore you with the rest of the letter)

I am so gutted, they found my bike and didn’t tell me they had found it and that it had gone to Auction!!! The guy left his number so i called him and  to make matters worse the bike sold at Auction for not alot more than what i paid for my Piece of Shit KTM!!! I am so gutted, my beautiful Baby is gonna be back on the road and i’m not the one to appreciate it!! It has made me hate the KTM even more now!!! 

You must be gutted. Can’t believe they didn’t contact you and give you first refusal on buying the bike.

Tell me about it!!

I am so gutted, i would’ve given anything to have it back

Ask him if you can buy it off him?

If the insurance company paid you out before it was found
Then the bike belongs to the insurance company so they would have no reason to inform you

I hope he was complementing the fairings!

I would have thought you would have been contacted by the poepoe as they would have updated your crime report to reflect the bike being found. But then I guess the bike is the property of the insurance company after you were paid out. Still, would have been nice to be offered first refusal.

How’s the KTM?

I told the insurers if it was ever found i want first refussal and they said OK, so thats what is most gutting!

KTM is running sweet and is loads of fun, but it’s just not my Blade :frowning:

Am I the only one who thinks its cruel he sent that letter… I mean the aim seems to be “I have your bike… nananana”

PS if you hate the KTM, it will have vengeance… they need love and nurturing. You can play rough but never hate.

I feel for you, but from my experience of getting it back. I just could not drive it any more.
It was tainted in my eyes.
Might be for the best.
1+ Sarrisan, I would not have sent the letter, unless he thought Sam had told the insurance to sell it on.

I have no words.

Shit mate… That’s wank. I had a similar situation years ago, black RGV250 got stolen (second one in 6 months) and I got a parking fine for it in Camterbury. My brother then drove over that night from Germany and broke into every garage on that street in Canterbury (which I don’t condone). Didn’t find it tho.

Well, it´s polite to send the letter and it will avoid problems if anyone sees the bike back on the street, at least now Sam knows the bike has a rightful owner and it´s not just a scumbag riding it

Any details on where and how they found it?

I’m happy i know it was found, and the bloke was a really nice bloke on the phone so at least it’s gonna be looked after, No news on how/where it was found, but it was partly stripped down, had an extra 800 miles on the clock and the rear wheel was down to the wires

So 800 miles of roads covered with ANPR cameras an no one noticed? I somehow doubt it was taken out of the country and then brought back in.

As others have said though - maybe it’s all for the best. Everything that’s happening has a purpose, so maybe in your case it was to get a KTM :)

Sorry but still don’t reckon a KTM is a patch on a Blade :wink:

Sorry but still don't reckon a KTM is a patch on a Blade ;-) benedictireland
That depends where you want to go... 

True… But wouldn’t you prefer to head to a smooth section rather than a rough old patch? :wink:

That was decent of him to let you know. At least you are not wondering any more. I’d want to know if it was me. If its back on the road at least it’s not been broken for parts.

Nah, I like me a bit of rough :smiley: