I can't reply to anything

Ok Andrew what ya done to me account? Whenever I enter a post the quote or reply button isn’t there! Is this just me or is it the site?

Can only be a good thing

It working again now Gotta be Andrew hey

You know how it is, little bit of power - changes people

Especially old people!

Notice how the simpsons are all cool and lots of people like them and guess what they are all yellow bogey boy!

Weird Terry, there’s no ‘feature’ to make this happen to someone. Are you sure you didn’t just miss it? Let me know if it happens again and I’ll look into it.

It happened to Brooke as well mate. To fix the problem you had to log out clear the history from the browser and log bag in again. Not sure if that is a browser problem or the site?..

…or the operator…

When you couldn’t see the reply button Terry, were you logged in? I.E did you see ‘signed in as…’ in the top left of the forums, or a login prompt?