i cant leave this alone at the mo..

god this song is crackin!!!

love it!!!..love it…!!!..love it…!!!



Yeah!!! Pink Floyd are one of my favourite all time groups. Glad they’re releasing new tracks again.

Not sure who the muppets in the video are; but nice effort in recreating a Depeche Mode video I guess.

there was me thinking it was gonna be Burt & Ernie with the ruber ducky song!!

there’s ME thinking it was going to be rude…

tis a good song, 2 good looking lads there too :stuck_out_tongue:

quality! :smiley:

Not one for…yawwwnn…being contoversial, but…yawn, is it me but yawnnn…this song is…yawwnn…dull…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Spotters badge on the Depeche Mode rip off. Thought it was the beginning of Fools Gold by Stone Roses