I can't fill my fuel tank to the top!??

I’ve got a mk1 fazer which has a 21litre fuel tank…

Every time I fill up, no matter how hard I try, I can’t seem to get more than 16litres into it! :crazy:

I am pretty sure the space left is at the top of the tank but can’t be filled because of the auto shut off the petrol pumps have…

Touring next week so it would be nice to minimise the fuel stops!!

Am I doing something wrong here? Or do I just have to stop moaning and deal with it… :w00t:

hover the nozzel outside of the hole and squirt in …simple’s…


Some of that will be reserve surely?

Also, have you considered raising the nozzle out of the tank so that just the tip of it is resting inside the tank?

lucky you. I got 13l :w00t:

Yeah I’ve tried that but it’s really hard to explain… There’s a sort of downward tube section, 2 or 3 inches, that protrudes down into the tank from the filler cap…

So when I squirt a bit of petrol in the top from the ‘hover’ position, it takes the petrol a few seconds to bubble down and displace the air round the other side of the tube section…

Hmmmm :Whistling:

Take the nozzle out a bit

Oh, more than one person posted while I was making tea…

I got a 2003 fazer600 , and get mine filled past the little neck bit in the filler opening ,by doing as Smiled says .

Once its as high as ya can get it , just carefully lift the nozzel out and squirt the gas in the hole .

Just dont trigger it fast ,lol ,stop let the bubbles settle, then squirt some more .

Putting it on the center stand helps too.


lol, 3 posts while i was typing .

( should really learn to type with 2 fingers instead of 1 ) :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers Jay

Just wondered if I was doing something stupid…
I have tried lifting the nozzle out in the past :hehe:

So I’ll just have to spend a couple of extra minutes squirting in the top and waiting for it to settle etc…

Cheers! :slight_smile:

A mk1 Fazer has only 18 litres, the mk2 is 21. This is due to the filler pipe extending down into the tank. On the mk2 they shortened this pipe giving extra capacity. There is a way to change the mk1 but involves very carefully drilling a hole in the filler pipe near the top. You need to make sure you don’t get any bits falling into the tank but this will give you a 21 litre capacity (or thereabouts). You can then carefully fill the tank to the top as the hole allows air to escape.

Do you fill up while the bike is on the side stand, or while holding the bike upright. :slight_smile:

That tube is there for a reason …

Fuel expansion, no fuel tank should ever be filled to the brim :w00t:

thanks legendofg that’s great info :slight_smile:

I’m gonna try putting a hole in the top to see if that sorts my problem… I’ll see if I can remove the filler pipe to drill it…

Try using a center punch to make the hole that will save any swarf from falling into your tank. :slight_smile:

Make sure any breather pipes aren’t blocked. I don’t know the layout of a Fazer but it’s a problem my bike can have.

what Art says, I never fill up right to the brim, but leave that bit where ya stick the nozzle in free (that tube you describe further up).
Did however manage to fill up 18l in my Fazer MK1.

the tanks are 21l, of which 4l are reserve.

Also put it either on center stand or sit on it when filling up, keeping it straight. I do the latter :slight_smile:



smiled, you can pull the nozzle out as far as you want on a Fazer, it won’t fill beyond the filler neck unless you make an escape for the air.

Art, the difference between mk1 and mk2 Fazer fuel tanks is only the length of the filler neck, it’s shorter on the mk2 effectively increasing the capacity so there’s no harm in making a way for the mk1 to fill more.

ConradB, here’s a brief description of what needs to be done (scroll to the last port by Gnasher) - http://fazerowners.yuku.com/reply/52480/Cutting-the-Fuel-Filler-Neck-down#reply-52480
I can recommend that forum for all things Fazer, some good info there…

Sorry I should have stated that centre stand and holding the nozzle above the level of petrol was a proviso.

I do realise that petrol pumps have a small breather hole that shuts off the flow valve when it gets blocked.
And I understand that I need the filler cap to be at the highest possible point in order to achieve maximum fillage

It was just the small air gap at the top that I was concerned about