I can park here before 08:30 right?

need to park in a residents permit holders only bay in west(evil)minster. sign says Mon-Sun 0830am-1000pm

so i can park there before 0830 right?

sorry about the blured pic



:smiley: yes. outside of the hours/days on the board you can park there

Not a minute later than 08:30 though or you will get fined. The administration are brutal.

They will be lurking around your bike at 8:15 , so be on time !

Other half got one at 8:31 !

Don’t ever think to yourself, “It’ll probably be fine…” It won’t ever be fine. They’ll sting you for £60 quid. Be warned.

thanks guys

Pfffffh!! You said it was a stupid question, that’s not stupid.!! I’ve been living in this country for almost 12 years now and I still avoid parking under those signs 'cause I’m never sure or I’m fearful of a ticket.


thank god i’m not the only one! I never know if those times are when you can or can’t park!!