I.C.E. Digital Dog Tag's...

In light of some of the recent thread’s, I’ve decided to get myself a set of these… http://www.digitaldogtag.co.uk/utag-more-info.html

As it say’s on the website, they carry all the information needed to contact your nearest and dearest, as well as medical info, should the worst happen and you have a trip to the local hospital.

Some of the thread’s and recent incidents on LB got me thinking. What if I was hospitalised or worse?

In my case, I house-share, and my housemate’s are used to me disappearing for anything up to a couple of month’s, usually at short notice. As for my family, they all live in the North-East of England and recieve a phonecall off me every couple of week’s or so, if that! So, if the worst happened, I don’t think anybody would notice my absence for at least a week or so! :w00t: I think this a great bit of kit, and it will also make it easier for the emergency services to do their job! :smiley:

Just thought I’d drop it into a thread for any of you who may be interested, and they can be picked up on Ebay for around £19 with free postage if you look around… :wink:

Worth a look peep’s!

RR :smiley:

mines in my mobile, plus theres my registration plate wich can identify me, i do have some proper dog tags with D.O.B And fuull name on them, but being metal i really dont want to wear them whiel on the bike!:w00t:

Fair one mate, but mobile’s get smashed very easily, and I’m registered at a couple of different addresses with different vehicles. Also, I may not even be on my bike or in my car when the worst happens! What if you are in/on another vehicle, or on a night out etc… There are lot’s of way’s for the emergency services to find out who you are and where you live, but this let’s them know without all the searching around etc… It mean’s your family/ N.O.K can be informed that bit quicker. :wink:

Also, you can put certain wishes/instruction’s on it for your family to follow. Very handy if you’re a Jehova’s witness or something and don’t believe in blood transfusions or something. I know it might not be for everyone, but think it is an excellent piece of kit for anybody who would be interested. :smiley:

now thats a nice touch! dont get me wrong fella i think its a good idea, i just dont know if i would wear it or not, by that i mean on a bike not other uses you mentioned, wich i do agree on!:smiley: it be perfect that sort of thing;)

old advice, get an extra set of dog tags, seperate them and thread each one onto the bootlace of each boot,the reasoning? lots of headless corpses around after an explosion, but not so many headless/limbless corpses with both feet missing! :P:P

wonder if my old dogtags in kitbag still :wink:

good idea mate

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but seriously it is a good idea…

as an alternative why not check these out?


think these are a good idea as well, I think little brother is considering getting me the U-tag digital tags for me birthday, which is nice - not sure what he’s suggesting there?

You could aways stick with the old fashioned piece of paper in your wallet! It’s one of the first places that Ambulance or Hospital staff as well as Police will look for some form of ID :slight_smile:

They have different language options I believe.

Although this saves you getting new tags every time you change phones or move house, why would you want to make your personal details accessible to anyone who picks up your tags and can get a password cracked? So if you just pop NoK contact details on there I don’t see what avantage this has over any other method of corpse identification. Your teeth (assuming they find your head) are usually the best.

Ambulance crews don’t carry laptops. A&E units are going to be attending to your major trauma first, worrying about your allergies second. I’ve got blood type on my dog tags but I reckon they wouldn’t trust that anyway.

I think you’re missing the point here. You don’t have to put down anything more than your NoK basic details, ie: Mobile/Home number, possibly an address. The only info they can get from this thing can be gotten by these people easily enough anyway if they want it! As for the teeth, I think you’ve been watching too much CSI! :stuck_out_tongue: Although it is a good way of ID’ing somebody, it’s time consuming and can take anything up to a couple of day’s/week’s to find the correct set of dental records! Personally, I’d rather have my NoK informed ASAP if I have an accident… :wink:

having had to try to identify people and trace NOK etcin an emergncy on more than on occasion, anything that can help make it easier is a good thing.

fingerprinting dead bodies is always interesting and not everyone has a criminal record ,and yes there are other things like VRM’s, wallets etc but any confirmation of ID is important if your about to knock on someones door with bad news.

its abit gimmicky but kinda cool too;) Cheers RR

I haven’t missed the point at all. Why make it any easier for them then? If all you want on there is NoK details, why bother beyond a bit of paper? I think you missed what I wrote. Ambulance technicians and A&E staff don’t have access to PCs, the know how (you’d be surprised) or the inclination to read your device. Some hospitals I’ve worked in don’t even allow USB devices to connect. Yes, the point about dental records is overkill, but if you’re that worried about being identified in a horrible accident I don’t think your USB thingeth is really going to help.But if it makes you feel safer or more assured in case of an accident, good luck to you. I suppose you won’t find out if anyone got your details.No, I’d much rather no one knew I’d died, and kept wondering why it took me forever to get that pint of milk from the shops. :rolleyes: