I appreciaate this is a bike forum, but your collective car knowledge would be greatly appreciated

The battery on the Wife’s C-Max has gone flat and I need to jump start it. It is an 04 2 litre diesel.

The bonnet is opened by inserting the ignition key into the locking mechanism behind the badge on the grill.

When inserted, you normally turn the key to the left once to release the lock and then to the right to open.

However, whilst the bonnet will unlock when the key is turned to the left, when turned to the right it will not complete the unlocking procedure. [email protected]!!! :mad:

Anyway, I have tried everything I can think of, I have had a neighbour who works in the motor trade have a look and he cannot figure it out, so I thought it may be worth asking the collective knowledge on here whether they have ever experienced similar problems and can advise how they overcame the problem.

Any advice or ideas greatly appreciated.

Yep, just get something that resembles the shape of the latch (the bit that’s bolted to the bonnet) and pop that into the hole the latch should go in. this should allow you to remove the key.

Failing that, jack the front of the car up (or get it up on a kerb and connect the red jump lead onto the power cable that goes onto the starter motor and the earth cable to any bit of metal you can see.

Failing that, just connect 2 bits of thick wire (1 to each side of the battery) long enough to get out of the bonnet, and then shut the bonnet.

Google is your friend - there are loads of stories of Mk1 and Mk2 Focus problems with the bonnet release seizing (I have Mk2 :unsure:) and various solutions. Pushing the bonnet down whilst repeatedly turning left right can free it eventually. Otherwise there are various solutions involving the dismantling of the car and the rebuilding of the lock and catch mechanism.

I am just heading outside with a torch and a can of grease!

Your private life should stay under wraps.:blush:


First way which you’ve probably already done loads of times is to turn the key to the left to unlock it, then hold it to the right while bumping the front of the bonnet down & up with your hand (just over where the latch is).

If no joy, then can of WD40 (with the little red straw) through the bonnet/grill gap, give the latch mechanism a good scoosh, then try as above.

Mechanism’s probably gotten a bit sticky with all the salt and crap on the roads at the moment. If you get it freed using the above methods, then give it a good clean and grease.

If neither of the above two ways work, then you can sometimes work it free with a thin metal rod through the bonnet/grill gap but you’re better taking a run past a dealership for a look at a similar model on the forecourt just to check where to jiggle your rod :wink: Most Ford mechanics will open it in a minute or two for you, so there’s the last option if you can’t do it and don’t mind spending a little £.