I am sooo jealous!!!! Schumacher on MotoGP Ride

God-damnit!!! Is this not the best advert for the new Ducati Desmosedici MotoGP replica??? That bike is incredible! I would sell my left kidney to have a go on that bike! Randy rocks…

Excellent, as a pillion that must be bloody terrifying though, I hate pillion!

Pillion with Mamola though …if only

Schumi couldn’t ride it on his own

nor could i

No way would I get on teh back of that bike with him riding!!!

Come on, once in a life-time opportunity! It’s safe, he wouldn’t be allowed to ride at ten tenths, that was just smooth lapping, but wow, can you imagine the feeling?! The tank grips are a god-send!

would love to do that if only!
as they say ya only live once

In recent years when I have been on the back of someone going even a little quick my bottle goes cause I am not in control. I reckon I would probably throw up lol

Would much prefer to ride it myself now that would be an experience!

Actually, he did ride it on his own a few months ago at Mugello (the full GP bike, not the road bike). Was about 20 seconds a lap off Rossi’s pace. Slow, but quicker than I would go, lol.

lol 20 seconds and Rossi was what 1-2 seconds off his time in the car, just goes to show you how much harder the bike must be to do fast lap times on.

The two-seater is a GP bike by the way, not the road-bike. It’s a couple of years old, but it’s gotta be putting out 230bhp+, considering the new ones are 250bhp+. Insane huh? Oh to dream… I’ve got to watch the video again, if only for the noise!

Great video, probably going quicker 2 up than I would solo. Cracking wheelies too

Linky no werky

I agree, although remember that Rossi was there for a mini job interview so he would have been pushing whereas Schumi was there just for fun and you can hurt yourself so much more easily on 2 wheels. But you’ve got a good point. Schumi must have crapped himself as he normally rides Harleys on the road

Jay the links not working for me but i saw micheal on the back of the ducati on the coverage well split seconds then it went somewhere else looks good.

I watched it twice, i love it and would love to av a go at wheeli-ing it aswell as being pillion

i would be straight on the back… er or the front…

oww to dream ay?

wow…that f$*ing rocks… i gotta get a go on that…gonna watch it agian…fourth time…

I watched it on MotoGP.com…I can’t do a wheelie 1/2 as nice as those Mamola was pulling TWO UP!!!

Insane skills…and the Ducati GP bike exhaust note makes me drool…what a sweet sounding bike.

If only eh? I’d have a smile on my face for days if I was given the chance of going pillion on that!