I am sooo fed up....

…with commuting to the city on shity trains everyday. I am thinking about riding my bike but it is a bit of a long journey from hertfordshire…all my friends think I am mad even considering to do that. I am sure there are plenty of you out there commuting to work with your bikes.

Do you think it would be a wise thing to do for me?

It’s not mad. Why not give it a go for a week and see how you get on?

Hertfordshire is a nice ride. I was up that way on Saturday. The ride back in the rain wasn’t too bad either.

I do Bracknell (Wokingham way :wink: ) to Sutton (Carshalton Beaches :wink: ) almost everyday… Nothing wrong with that… And on a Triumph may I had!!! :w00t:

Very sensible machine to do it on too. (He is on a Harley according to his previous posts):w00t:

If you’re riding a collector’s item Ducati, or anything 125 ish, then probably not. But otherwise why aren’t you riding?

Yes…I ride a sportster xl883n. Not the best in fuel consumption I suppose. Looks like I may have to get another sensible, economical bike if I decide to commute.:smiley:

If you do the A1M/A41 route rather than the A10 route then you should be cool :slight_smile:

I would have though an 883 would be pretty decent on fuel (got to be way better than my ZX9 - I used to commute to newbury every day on it and it cost me a fortune, averageing around 34 mpg)

Agreed, I and quite a few others ride in and out on the A41 most mornings into the city

I probably manage to get around 40 mpg, but still not very economical me thinks.

A1M is quite long way to where I am (Cheshunt)…It does not make much sense as A10 takes me straight down to the city although it is busy and horrible especially during rush hours.

Remember once you hit Tottenham you can use bus lanes so its not so bad…

If you’ve never commuted by bike before, just give it a go for a week, see how you get on, its probably not the best time of year to try right now but its up to you…

Although it’s somewhat easier to get a parking space at this time of year :smiley:

actually I never thought about that :slight_smile:

yes I think I will give it a go…still be cheaper than train fare even on a harley I think!

practicalites need sorting mainly, Its having somewhere decent to put the bike, somewhere to put all your bike kit, specially if its wet, stashing a suit (if you wear one) somewhere etc…