I am quite chuffed with myself

For the past 2 days I have been on a 2 day MiDAS course which is the professional qualification for minibus driver who transport infirm, disabled and less able bodied people around the area.

I won’t deny, it was tough as it has been a long time since I have been the student (I am usually the instructor) or had my driving assessed outside the advanced paramiters or driven anything bigger than 5 tons.

Suffice to say, I passed the theory with 100%, apparently the driving assessor learnt a few things off me which he did not appreciate until I explained to him, and I used how to use the specialist equipment.

So a lot crammed in to a short period of time, but another qualification to go with the rest and a nationally recognised one at that as well.

So as the heading states, I am pretty chuffed with myself :blush:


Congrats @T.C!

So when do you get your uniform?

@Jay Next week. But just a polo shirt and fleece.

Well done TC.
We never stop learning

Well done that man

Well done that man.

Well done Sir … I just hope that if I am ever on your bus I am one of the helpers !

That’s awesome! Never stop learning. Congratulations!

Congratulations TC. Every day’s a school day.

So when are you heading off to the States?